No to muddy tires in Mandaue City

THREE truck drivers were reprimanded by the Traffic Enforcement Agency of Mandaue (Team) for violating the city ordinance prohibiting any vehicle with muddy tires from travelling in the city. The violators were intercepted along Zuellig St.

According to Edwin Jumao-as, the head of the Team, they have strengthened the implementation of Section 2 of City Ordinance no. 14-12017-1223 this year after they noticed that there have been many trucks with muddy tires that ply the city’s routes.

This could mean negligence on the part of the driver for his failure to clean the truck’s tires before leaving the garage.

Jumao-as said traces of mud along the road have been among the common causes of motorcycle accidents in the city.

Once the mud dries up, pedestrians and motorists could also inhale the dust particles, he added.

Most of the truck drivers that get reprimanded along Such trucks are commonly reprimanded along the Cargo Corridor in Mandaue City, namely Zuellig St., A.C Cortes Avenue, D.M. Cortes Street, going to Cansaga bridge.

Each citation has a fine of P1,000.

Jumao-as said that after the citation is issued, the Team will only release the vehicle once the driver has cleaned the muddy tires.

For a more effective implementation, Jumao-as said their office also sent out letters to the truck and cargo companies last week to remind them to comply with the ordinance. (KFD)