‘Pay parking’ to be proposed in some streets in Mandaue

THE Traffic Enforcement Agency of Mandaue (Team) will propose to establish pay parking on selected streets located at the center of the city.

Team’s Technical Working Group (TWG) will present the proposal to the Team board and after the approval, a draft ordinance will be passed to the city council before it will be implemented.

Team’s proposal aims to comply with the Department of the Interior and Local Government’s (DILG) memorandum to clear obstructions along roads as part of the road clearing operations.

Illegal parking was one of those being minimized by the DILG’s order.

But Edwin Jumao-as, Team executive director, said paid parking will only apply to pre-selected roads such as a portion of S.B. Cabahug St., Colina St., Zamora St., Gomez St. and F.B. Cabahug St.

Anticipating traffic concerns, Jumao-as said they have already made a parking testing along these roads and have not witnessed any gridlock along these streets and connected streets.

He said they chose these streets since they are wider and only a few cars traverse there.

Jumao-as said this proposal was realized after they noticed that most of the establishments in the city do not provide parking spaces for their customers, forcing the customers to illegally park along the road just to be able to buy what they need at certain establishments.

He said they made this proposal to also help the economic activity in the city as the customers could get what they need at establishments while the City could earn from the pay parking.

The parking fee for vehicles with four wheels will start at P20 for the first three hours of parking and an additional P10 for the succeeding hour.

The parking fee for the motorcycles will start at P10 for the first three hours of parking and an additional P10 for the succeeding hour.

Jumao-as emphasized that the pay parking for these selected streets will only be from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

He said there will be no overnight parking and the Team will clamp motor vehicles that park beyond the provided parking hours.

They do not allow overnight parking because in case there will be an emergency within the area the disaster responders will have trouble in their emergency operations, said Jumao-as.

Once an ordinance supporting this proposal will be passed, Jumao-as said the city will hire parking aides to issue parking tickets to the drivers of vehicles who wish to park.

Jumao-as added once they will implement this proposal they will no longer allow any vehicle parking in front of the Mandaue City Hall.

The employees and those who have an appointment in the city hall may park their vehicles at the pay parking streets or the city’s parking building, he added. (KFD)