‘Plastic use still regulated in Consolacion’

A FINE of up to P2,500 or imprisonment still await individuals who violate Consolacion town’s Plastic Regulation Ordinance.

The Municipal Environment and Natural Resources Office (Menro) reminded the public in an advisory posted on social media on Friday, March 17, 2023, that the ordinance is still in effect.

This, after the Menro apprehended several individuals for using single-use plastic last week.

The ordinance prohibits the use of single-use plastics on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

The prohibition does not only apply to all stalls and stores at the Consolacion Public Market but also to all satellite markets in the barangays, retail shops and sari-sari stores.

All business establishments and consumers are urged to use or bring alternative packaging materials, such as an eco-bag, cloth bag, paper bag, bamboo woven basket or abaca woven bags when buying goods.

Violators will face a fine of P1,000 or imprisonment of not less than one month on the first offense; a P2,000 fine or imprisonment of not less than three months on the second offense; and a P2,500 fine or imprisonment of not less than six months on the third offense. The third apprehension may also lead to the cancellation of an establishment’s business permit or license to sell.

The ordinance was approved by the Municipal Council in 2018 yet to minimize plastic pollution.

The local government of Cordova town also bans the use of plastic products and even styrofoam containers in small and large establishments every Wednesday and Saturday.

Pre-packed items, such as soy sauce, vinegar, iced water and other plastic bottles containing beverages and soft drink caps, are exempted from the ordinance.

Cordova officials plan to give a kilo of rice for every 100 grams of plastic it receives from residents to discourage them from using plastic-packaged products.