Quijano: 3 scenarios for Crawford vs. Porter

It’s not every day that you get to see two of the best welterweights in the world in their prime duke it out for all the marbles. Terrence Crawford (37-0, 28KOs) is undefeated and at the top three of most pound-for-pound lists. A victory would just about ensure his legacy as one of the great welterweights of all time. But Shawn Porter (31-3, 17KOs) isn’t so sure about that. None of the top-tier fighters at the 147 lbs. have convincingly beaten him and he was always nose to nose with them.

For Crawford to pull himself away from the pack he needs to stop or at the very least dominate Porter. But the latter is supremely confident his take-no-prisoners approach is the perfect antidote to Crawford’s smooth boxing style.

Either way, we are definitely going to have one great fight. Here are three possible scenarios.

1. The first few rounds are close, with each fighter having his moments. Crawford scores with his jabs and straights, while Porter comes forward throwing hooks.

Porter seizes momentum in the 4th as he bullies Crawford along the ropes and lands a looping right that catches “Bud” on the temple and staggers him. Porter rides on the crest of that offensive spurt and continues to win the middle rounds.

However, Bud comes alive in the 8th as he lands a sneaky uppercut out of nowhere which catches Porter as he lunges forward. Porter goes down hurt, and though he gets up at the count of 5, he is clearly still buzzed.

Instead of going for the kill, “Bud” takes his time and opts to punish Porter the rest of the fight. The latter recovers somewhat and makes a push in the championship rounds but Bud is just too good and too slick for him. Crawford wins via unanimous decision.

2. Porter appears tentative in the first few rounds while Crawford outboxes him. In the 5th however, an inadvertent clash of heads results in a ghastly cut on the eyebrow of Crawford. With this cut seemingly bothering him, Porter is able to bully and smother Crawford along the ropes in the middle rounds.

Porter continues to pound a weakening Crawford along the ropes in the 8th round. In the 10th, Crawford finds his second wind and lands several combinations that stun Porter.

A war erupts in the 11th with both fighters going for the kill.

However, the cut reopens in the 12th as a result of a legal punch and with blood flowing profusely hindering Crawford’s vision, the ref calls for the denouement of the bout and Porter comes out the winner via TKO in the 11th.

3. Crawford comes out sharp and dominates the first three rounds with jabs and counters as Porter clumsily wades in, throwing wide shots that are easily picked off.

A left hook-right straight combo produces the first knockdown of the fight in the 5th. Porter gets up at 8 but Crawford is on him like a reporter with a looming deadline and lands another combination that staggers Porter. Luckily for him the bell rings to end the carnage abruptly.

Porter comes out on unsteady legs in the 6th and Crawford is only too happy to dish out more punishment. A lead right snaps his head back violently and the referee quickly rushes in to waive off any further punishment. Crawford via stoppage in the 6th.

LAST ROUNDS. Are on my sis-in-law, lawyer Rene Chanco, and my kumpares, lawyers Bobong Pepito and Roger Lee, who recently celebrated their birthdays. Cheers!