Sale of Covid-19 vaccines, card alteration outlawed

THE Cebu City Council approved on third and final reading Wednesday, Oct. 6, 2021, the “Anti-Sale of Covid-19 Vaccines Ordinance in the City of Cebu” of Cebu City Councilor Alvin Dizon.

This ordinance aims to ensure that no person or entity will take advantage of the Covid-19 pandemic by engaging in “vaccine-for-sale schemes” or any other acts that would violate Republic Act 115251 or the “Covid-19 Vaccination Program Act of 2021.”

Dizon said this measure will also protect the residents against those who will take advantage of the public’s fear of coronavirus disease (Covid-19).

The ordinance also prohibits the sale of vaccination slots and the falsification and/or alteration of Covid-19 vaccine cards; misrepresentation of any information requested by authorities; sale, advertisement, distribution, solicitation and administration of fake Covid-19 vaccines, and misrepresentation of vaccine status.

Violators will be meted an administrative fine of P5,000 or imprisonment for a period not exceeding six months, or both depending on the court’s discretion.

If the violators are public officials, they will be dismissed and disqualified permanently from holding any city or government position, while directors, officers or employees of a juridical entity found to violate the ordinance will be charged and penalized.

The City Legal Office, Business Permits and Licensing Office under the City Treasurer’s Office, the Cebu City Police Office and the city’s barangay captains are tasked to implement the ordinance. (WBS)