Sharing the legacy of Filipino family dining

Most of us have all been a part of a “Filipino-style” family gathering.

Imagine: People huddling around one big table and sharing the meal; children running around while the parents try to feed them with spoonfuls at a time; the titas bringing plastic containers for the excess food to take home and recook the next day.

These scenarios still live to this day, and everyone can experience this—and more—while dining at Raul’s Filipino Restaurant.

Raul’s is a Filipino family restaurant that serves a wide range of Filipino dishes in large portions, perfect for sharing with family and friends. Guaranteed fresh, home-cooked and without preservatives, Raul’s prepares dishes without shortcuts. It serves exceptional Filipino food such as Sinugba, Kinilaw, and seafood dishes like Tinola. Raul’s also serves a variety of house signature dishes such as Pochero, Crispy Pata, Sisig, and other sizzlers. If customers are craving something new, they should try its special dishes such as Fried Itik, “Bontog” or quail meat, and the peculiar “Kapalmuks.” Kapalmuks is a pig head platter, prepared and cooked like Crispy Pata.

Dining at Raul’s provides diners with a relaxing experience. Raul’s is a restaurant built for families, built by families, where everyone can gather, dine and enjoy good music together.

“We want little kids to grow up and still be able to remember memories from this place,” said Raul’s Filipino Restaurant co-owner Adrian Lee Suico. Adrian envisions Raul’s as a catalyst that nurtures family bonds, a place reminiscent of fun and enjoyable memories for family and friends.

This restaurant also preserves a father-and-son legacy. The late Cebuano basketball coaching legend and Cebu City councilor Raul “Yayoy” Alcoseba, was the sole owner of Yayoy’s Grill and Resto Bar, which was the forerunner of what locals know today as Raul’s Filipino Restaurant. His son, Ramonito Alcoseba, is now the restaurant’s resident chef.

Chef Ramon considers Raul’s Filipino Restaurant as a rebranding of Yayoy’s Grill and Resto Bar. With little adjustments to the menu, Raul’s Filipino Restaurant is built as a new entity but preserves the memory of Yayoy’s Grill and Resto Bar. Raul’s Filipino Restaurant is a heritage family-themed restaurant serving dishes that transcend typical Filipino cuisine.

Raul’s Filipino Restaurant is now open on A. Climaco St., Capitol Site, Cebu City.