Tell it to SunStar: Hitler, history and elections

By Reni M. ValenzuelaEvery head of state has a good and bad side. But if the bad side involves the taking of lives, tyranny, ruthlessness, deceit and plunder of a nation’s coffer, then whatever good any head of state with such a bad side has done ought to be considered as garbage. Nothing good can be attributed to his memory.Let me talk about Adolf Hitler. Capitalizing on popular discontent among the Germans, he was popular while wrecking havoc to humanity. But light overshadowed darkness. Hitler was accorded a place he deserves in history. He is now known for his notoriety, diabolic rulership and Holocaust or killing of 6 million Jews. He is despised by the world and his own race.Our time is no different. Why do people honor, even elect, modern Hitlers? How greatly have we been duped by fake news and disinformation or trolls that are at the beck and call of their benefactors (years prior to the election). Gee, over 80 percent of our population (young and old) are on social media.Politicians who are popular, who have charisma and who have prominent names have nothing or little to do with greatness and heroism. History is always on the side of the truth. Progress is a product of good, not evil. Bonifacio is the hero, not Aguinaldo. History is fair.Let us make the May 9 elections work for our people and nation, not for the crooks and the greedy; not for the thugs and bloodthirsty; not for the ill-motivated and self-driven; not for the Jokers with 4Gs to employ: guns, gold, goons and guile.