That magical brew in Cebu

AFTER tea and water, beer ranks in the top three when it comes to the most consumed beverages. In fact, beer has a long history of being a shared beverage dating as far back as the ancient Middle East where early depictions of people gathered around a jug or vat of beer, using what appear to be straws to share a cup of beer is painted and weaved across their historical artifacts.

Today, beer has become synonymous with celebrations. No celebration is too small for beer, and whether one is a craft beer enthusiast or just a neophyte starting his craft beer journey, beer drinkers will be glad to encounter Engkanto.

This award-winning beer is fueled by the passion for culture and heritage, with ingredients imported from the best suppliers in the world, while mixing in beautifully sourced, local ingredients from best-of-class farms in the Philippines.

Similar to how beer has a long history of being a shared beverage, the name “Engkanto” is derived from the famous mythical creatures of Philippine folklore to which its founder, Ian Paradies, is aware of as he grew up listening to stories.

Engkanto Beer comes in five flavors: Engkanto Mango Nation Hazy, Engkanto High Hive Honey Ale, Engkanto Green Lava Double, Engkanto Live it up Lager, and the recently added Paint Me Purple Ube Lager.

Engkanto Beer can be bought solo or in a pack of four via the Engkanto Brewery Discovery Case. The best part? Every bottle of Engkanto sold supports local farmers.

Engkanto Beer is available and exclusively distributed in Cebu by D+B Wines & Spirits at The Crossroads, Banilad, Cebu. CDT)