Turkish business owner eyes partners to open lifestyle studio

A TURKISH capitalist is seeking local partners to bring the Silk Road culture to Cebu through workshop experiences.

Similar to what he introduced in Hong Kong, entrepreneur Irfan Karabulut, president and chief executive officer of Ata Organic, an online store based in Hong Kong, is looking for local partners who are willing to put up a lifestyle studio in Cebu and bring cultural workshops like creating Turkish mosaic lamp, tufting, ceramic painting and ebru art, among others, where Cebuanos can unleash their creativity, experience cultural immersion or simply have their “me” time.

“This is a lifestyle that I am proposing to people,” said Karabulut, also a psychologist, in his recent visit to Cebu. He said he wanted to help people gain self-confidence, be satisfied and create new memories with their friends, loved ones and family.

With these workshop experiences, Karabulut said Cebuanos could gain a better understanding of other cultures but more importantly enrich their lives with new experiences and self-discoveries while participating in any of the seven workshops.

He said these workshops are also a form of therapy and healing.

Studio requirement

An ideal lifestyle studio requires some 200 to 400 square meters of space, big enough to promote relaxation, said Karabulut.

He said his company would provide the technology and system transfer, raw materials and other resources needed to run the lifestyle studio while the local partner would provide the space.

The law in the Philippines bars foreign nationals from own businesses 100 percent except in some critical industries.

Karabulut said he is also in discussion with potential partners in Manila to bring the same concept there.

Each workshop class (maximum of four hours) will cost between P3,000 and P7,000. Clients will get to bring home the finished product. They will also get to enjoy Turkish food and drinks.

Karabulut said in Hong Kong, students and other people from all walks of life enroll in the workshops not only to gain new knowledge and skills but also to find balance in this fast-paced environment.

A Turkish Mosaic Lamp Workshop Experience in Hung Hom, Hong Kong for instance costs P2,898 when bought through the Klook app.

This art journey is said to help cultivate concentration and patience. It offers more than 20 kinds of Turkish hand-cut glass or bead crafts provided for the do-it-yourself class. The class is open to all ages.