Utzurrum: CCCI introduces creative entertainment

“Cebu can become a creative entertainment hub, since our Queen City has always been known for its creativity,” said Mario Panganiban, Cebu Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCCI) trustee and president of Toon City Academy-Cebu.

Indeed recognizing the potential of the Creative Entertainment Industry, the CCCI has decided to hold the Cebu Creative Entertainment Week (CEW) as part of its 2021 Cebu Business Month (CBM) in October.

The CEW includes film, music, theater, animation, game development and original content. Panganiban continues: “We like to entertain and perform. When we look at the global figures, and observe the growth of our Southeast Asian neighbors, we’re trailing behind in a field where we are at an obvious advantage.”

As of 2020, the global value of the entire video game industry was $159.3 billion, while global animation is valued at $270 billion or a combined $429 billion. This amount does not even include film, music and other entertainment sectors.

Still very much in the scene is Cebu’s film industry which started to roll in the ‘60s and ’70s. Not to mention, the Cebu Pop Music Festival which made a big splash in 1981, and continues to produce many popular Visayan songs. And the unforgettable nightly Visayan drama series which had habitues glued to the radio! And ah, comics too!

While the creative sector achieved version 1.0, during the ‘50s to the ’80s, the CCCI will be promoting the creative entertainment industry version 2.0. With the support of various experts, national organizations, and government agencies that focus on this type of entertainment, from Manila and overseas, the project looks pretty bright!

Future plans by the CCCI even include the organization of the Cebu Entertainment Alliance which aims to earn about P500 million initially for the industry for Cebu alone.

The National Creative Entertainment Industry should then target one percent of the global value.

Now ongoing, the CEW features the country’s industry leaders as well as international experts. The weeklong event will focus on various topics such as film, music and theater, animation, video game industry, komiks and original content. Also to be discussed by experts are International Industry standards, and investment opportunities for those interested to enter the entertainment business etc.

The CEW is in partnership with Animation Council of the Phils. Inc. (ACPI), Cebu Creative Hub, Creative Content Creators Association of the Phils. and the Game Developers Association of the Phils. (GDAP).