Utzurrum: How do you sleep, Cebu?

How does one sleep these days? Indeed, a very relevant question in these abnormal times!

Uratex, the biggest foam and mattress manufacturer In the country, has an accurate answer. As a sleep specialist, the brand suggests to browse, feel and test various mattress models until one gets that perfect snooze!

And where to test? Recently, Uratex opened its latest store in Cebu. It features a Sleep Lab, the first and only facility of its kind in the province.

Located at the Belmont One building in Calajo-an, Minglanilla, the facility is its 24th showroom nationwide, and the second in our province. The virtual inauguration was graced by Uratex RGC executives Dindo Medina, group business unit head for monoblock and furniture, and Marvey Alcantara, group business unit head and general manager for Vis-Min.

Hosted by our very own Jude Bacalso, the lively and informative virtual event, aptly called #HowDoYouSleepCebu also had prestigious guests: Dr. Albert Rafanan, head of Center for Sleep Disorders, Chong Hua Hospital, gave an insightful discussion on how to maximize healthy sleep; and Uratex brand ambassador Heart Evangelista, sharing her own thoughts on the subject matter.

We’d like to mention a few of Dr. Rafanan’s tips for better sleep.

Under the Stimulus Control Therapy Rules: Do not take a nap during the day, and go to bed only when sleepy. Do not watch TV, read or eat or worry when in bed. Use bed only for sleep and sex.

On the subject of Sleep Hygiene (we have chosen a few): Sleep only as much as you need to feel rested, then get out of bed. Avoid caffeinated beverages after lunch. No alcohol near bedtime. Avoid smoking specially in the evening, and avoid prolonged use of light emitting screens. Exercise regularly preferably four to five hours before bedtime.

Do drop by the Uratex showroom. Gracious sleep specialists can rightfully recommend the proper mattress and comfortable position for restful slumber. The showroom also includes 12 sections that display a wide range of foam products besides mattresses: pillows, sofa beds, foldables, monoblock furniture and more!

Good night for now. Sleep tight. Zzzzzzz…