Vaccine Advisory Board asked to study proposal for drive thru vaccination

THE Cebu City Council has urged the Vaccine Advisory Board (VAB) to conduct a feasibility study on a drive through vaccination program against coronavirus disease 2019 ( Covid-19).

In a resolution authored by City Councilor Alvin Dizon, which was passed by the council during its regular session on Wednesday, April 7, 2021, Dizon said this may help speed up the vaccine rollout in the city.

“Drive through clinics may offer a safer, more convenient and less contagious way of getting the jab as well as offering an alternative for those who have vehicles, thus cutting the lines in our onsite vaccination centers,” Dizon said.

In the same resolution, the council also asked the VAB to formulate guidelines on house to house vaccination and community or remote vaccination for those who cannot go to vaccination sites.

This will apply to individuals with illness, persons with disability and senior citizens, among others.

Jeffrey Ibones, City Health Department officer in charge, said while the drive through proposal is a good idea, there are other factors that need to be considered.

He said after the vaccination, the individual who is inoculated has to be monitored for any ad verse effects.

However, Ibones said the VAB will study if the proposal can be done, saying that it will be feasible “in the near future” when the Covid-19 vaccine will become like any other vaccine.

Dizon said drive through Covid-19 vaccination is being implemented in the United Kingdom. In the Philippines, the Imus City Health Department in Cavite launched the first drive through Covid-19 vaccination site in the country on March 18.

The vaccination rollout in Cebu City continues with almost 5,000 health care workers now having received the vaccine. Less than 2,000 registrants are still waiting to be injected with the first dose, Ibones said. (JJL)