Which rosé is perfect for you and your date?

Ah, it’s the season of love. The streets are filled with the scent of freshly picked roses and bittersweet chocolates wrapped in cute packaging adorn the bosoms of people with hearts for eyes.

For most people, Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to make that brave confession, declare that long-held love to someone special, or enjoy a relaxing dinner with somebody important. However, with Valentine’s Day comes a simple yet complex dilemma; if one wants to prepare for a special romantic dinner date guaranteed to impress their significant other, choosing the perfect wine for the occasion is a must.

To help lovebirds with this task, the team sat down with their friends from D+B Wines & Spirits, who have a fantastic selection of Rosé wines that were specially curated by founding partners Corinne and Dondi Joseph. They went through the difficult task of tasting rosès all over the world so it’s a guarantee that every bottle shoots straight to the heart.

In this article, they’ll be exploring six of D+B Wines & Spirits’ wonderful roses hailing from different parts of the world and matching their taste profiles with the ideal date of their dreams:

Bernard Lonclas Brut Rosé

(Champagne, France)

This special champagne shines best in a very intimate dinner, with a light, home-cooked meal of refined flavors, presumably by candlelight and with soft, romantic music in the background—absolutely NO Netflix. This champagne’s delicate but vivid flavors contain hints of wild strawberry, peach, citrus, and brioche, making it perfect to pop open and enjoy together with a dose of laughter, flirtation, and a genuine connection with one’s significant other.

Madame Rosé (Provence, France)

A bottle of Madame Rosé is the perfect wine for a racy date, whether it’s dining in bed with a perfectly chilled bottle of Madame Rosé, classic Mediterranean food, and a view of a fiery sunset over the sea or some other romantic location. Sparks will definitely fly!

Alkoomi Rosé

(Frankland River, Australia)

A bottle of Alkoomi Rosé contains hints of raspberry, grapefruit, and tea leaf, making it perfect for a romantic afternoon picnic date by the lake or on a little hill. Enjoy it with summer salads and delicate savory pastries while sharing stories and laughter. If either of you can play the guitar, this date is a guaranteed win.

Mulderbosch Cabernet Rosé

(Stellenbosch, South Africa)

Pop open a bottle of Mulderbosch Cabernet Rosé and you will be greeted by the scent of ripe red berries, pomegranate, and roses, making it the perfect companion for a laid-back date with a side of adventure. Perhaps a seafood BBQ onboard after a day of sailing or scuba diving? This is a scrumptious seafood wine that will go wonderfully with your grilled seafood and sense of adventure.

Fat Bastard Rosé

(Pays d’Oc, France)

A bottle of Fat Bastard Rosé has been proven to be a good match (no pun intended) with Cebu’s world-famous Lechon, so take your date on a little road trip to the seaside lechon stalls in Talisay. Find a good spot to kick back and relax and enjoy this fresh, lively, and full-bodied rosé with hints of raspberry, strawberry, and citrus. Your taste buds (and your date) will thank you!

Andeluna Malbec Rosé

(Tupungato, Argentina)

For an outdoor camping date, take a bottle of Andeluna Malbec Rosé. Its hints of sour cherry, strawberry, roses, and spice are perfectly paired with a charcuterie or light meats on the grill. Pack your camping gear and portable grill, and get ready for a one-of-a-kind experience under the stars.

With this article, it is hoped that those who encounter wine lists during their special dates will find them less intimidating. This Love Month, D+B Wines & Spirits is championing rosè as an alternative or addition to the more traditional bouquet of roses, as reflected in its “Give rosè instead of roses” tagline.