Young, international coding fun facts

COMPUTER coding is becoming an essential skill moving forward. For children, the experience of learning how to code at a young age may be similar to how children from two decades ago were taught a different language in school to pair with English.

Coding may be complex, but what isn’t? These random bits of trivia should provide one with a fun idea of what it’s like to start young and succeed as a computer programmer.

Pinay Pride

Filipina-American Isabel Sieh wanted to join a club in school which tackled computer coding. When there wasn’t any back in 2013—she was 10—she formed her own club “Girls Will Code” (GWC). Now, GWC is a global community that empowers girls through programming and engineering.

Female Future

Ada Lovelace is considered the world’s first computer programmer. What’s amazing is that she wrote and published a paper on how “codes” could help machines work in the 19th century—about a hundred years even before the first computer was built.

World Record

The Guinness World Record for “youngest programmer in the world” belongs to Kautilya Katariya. Kautilya was only six years old when he earned his professional certifications from IBM for Python (coding language) and AI (artificial intelligence).


Tanmay Bakshi is one of the most popular programmers on YouTube. Aside from posting coding lessons on his channel, he is also a software developer, author and resource speaker. He started programming when he was five, and designed his first app three years later.


Microsoft, Tesla and Facebook? Ever heard of these brands? Bill Gates started to code when he was 13. Elon Musk started to code when he was 10. Mark Zuckerberg started coding when he was eight. Currently, these three combine for a net worth of $412.5 billion.