Lim: Heartbreak

The first time I broke my heart, I was inconsolable. I cried buckets, slept little, was lost and listless for a while. It wasn’t the rejection; it was the betrayal.Many more heartbreaks would come in my life but I would learn through time to forfeit fantasy and reconcile with reality. So, the last heartbreak caused […]

Heart failure registry, chronic care model can help ease burden of cardiovascular disease

UNSPLASH WHILE February is known as a time for love and romance, Filipino cardiologists on Feb. 15 shined the light on matters of the heart of a different kind: heart health, specifically heart failure.   “Nearly a third of patients with heart failure have high risk of hospitalization or cardiovascular death, including those who appear stable,” […]

Fujitsu and University of Tokyo Hospital Embark on Joint Research into AI to Aid the Fight Against Heart Disease

TOKYO, Oct 11, 2021 – (JCN Newswire via – Fujitsu Limited today announced that it has started joint clinical research with the University of Tokyo Hospital to verify the effectiveness of artificial intelligence technology to estimate abnormal heart movements based on electrocardiogram(1) data. The research is planned to commence at the University of Tokyo […]

Carvajal: Authenticity is in the heart

Information technology (IT) confronts us on a daily basis and in real time with the uncomfortable truth that our world is in big trouble. Its king-sized problems include wars, climate change (forest fires, earthquakes, droughts and floods), racism, human trafficking, drug addiction and a host of others not the least of which is Covid-19. It […]

Hydrogel holds life-giving cells longer

TSUKUBA, Japan, Aug 6, 2021 – (ACN Newswire via – Heart muscle becomes damaged and cardiac function is affected when blood vessels feeding the heart are blocked. A new stem-cell-carrying hydrogel helps mice recover from this condition, called myocardial infarction, by stimulating formation of new blood vessels. Developed by a team of scientists at […]

Tabada: Sayote with mango

I dislike vegetables as a child. The dislike approached repugnance whenever I contemplated the “ginisang sayote (sauteed chayote)” my “tita (aunt)” spooned on my plate. My sister, cousins and I were part of a lunch pool. Since we went to the same all girls’ school with their daughters, our aunts took turns picking us up […]

Philippine Heart Center installs new imaging system

THE PHILIPPINE Heart Center (PHC) recently installed the Philips Azurion with FlexArm, a ceiling-mounted system that provides medical teams with expanded imaging flexibility. “The system enables us to dramatically optimize procedures around the patient, where we can now capture optimal views of the patient, without encumbering all the clinicians who are working around the table,” […]

Another first for RLC Residences

RLC Residences launches new digital video featuring brand ambassador Heart Evangelista Amidst the uncertainties brought about by the pandemic, Robinsons Land Corporation continues its hopeful and bright winning streak this year. After launching its new residential brand and its ambassador Heart Evangelista, RLC Residences today revealed its new digital video. She expressed gratitude for RLC […]

Editorial: Heart of the matter

Oh, our poor overworked hearts! In 2020, these endured many occasions to skip beats or to race through them double-time. When the pandemic-related news got extra terrifying, our hearts stopped. It’s a good thing this happened only metaphorically for most of us. While much of the attention has focused on our lungs, it turns out […]