Official: Cebu Covid policies are working

CEBU’S controversial Covid-19 policies work. In fact, the “swab-upon-arrival” policy initiated by Cebu Gov. Gwendolyn Garcia for returning overseas Filipinos (ROFs) and overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) is not the first time Cebuanos have adopted protocol that are not totally aligned with existing guidelines of the Inter-Agency Task Force (IATF) on the Management of Emerging Illnesses. […]

Editorial: Why a Day 1 swab is wrong

We continue to point out true science amid a political tussle at the risk of sounding like a voice in the wilderness. We have said a couple of times, since the clash in national and local protocols for inbound Filipinos in our international ports caught the limelight, that the basic but most crucial difference lies […]

Espinoza: Who to follow?

Tug-of-war is a popular parlor game in a big family or group in an outdoor setting. Two groups hold one end of the rope and the mighty and more powerful group who can pull the group to their side wins. The situation now between the Provine of Cebu and the IATF is like a tug-of-war […]

Wenceslao: Not just One Cebu

Who says the balancing act is easy, especially for leaders? When regulations are implemented, people always complain. But without regulations, anarchy reigns. And when society becomes anarchic, people also complain. Which reminds me of a fable about someone who blew at his fingertips because he was feeling cold. Then he accidentally touched the flame of […]

Nalzaro: IATF should face Gwen head-on

Did Cebu Gov. Gwendolyn Garcia violate the Inter-agency Task Force for the Management of Emerging Infectious Diseases (IATF) policy on arriving overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) and returning overseas Filipinos (ROFs)? Why won’t IATF officials and the Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG), which has direct control and supervision over local officials, face Gwen […]

Briones: Having the last word

Again, Malacañang and the Inter-Agency Task Force (IATF) for the Management of Emerging Infectious Diseases are not playing fair. Because the law, specifically Section 105 of the Local Government Code, prohibits the national government from imposing its mandate on local government units after a period of six months during an emergency situation like a pandemic, […]

Malilong: Retaliation

Duterte extends diversion of Cebu-bound flights to Manila until June 12, the digital media company Rappler reported yesterday. Actually, it was Executive Secretary Salvador Medialdea who signed the order to again reroute to Manila all international flights bound for Cebu, but since the executive secretary is the alter ego of the President, it was just […]