Spectacular failure

Video Game Review Saints Row 2022 Sony PlayStation 5 Digimon Survive PS4/Personal Computer via Steam The Origin: Blind Maid PS4 FOR gamers steeped in action-adventure titles, their bias for the Saint’s Row Franchise runs deep. While the first Saints Row release was nothing memorable, it was Saints Row 2 that convinced them of the series’ […]

Quijano: Silva embarrassed by Paul

Man, getting old truly sucks. Imagine an MMA icon and legend getting knocked down by a Disney kid actor. I picked Anderson Silva to defeat Jake Paul last weekend, big-time. Turns out my prediction was a big-time flop. SILVA. The great Anderson Silva needs no introduction. MMA fans recognize him to be one of the […]

Adobe launches collaboration tools, ups investment in AI

By Patricia B. Mirasol, Reporter Adobe, Inc., launched a suite of features that improve collaboration and lessen the friction of keeping track of design iterations across teams.  “We are doubling down on collaboration,” said David Wadhwani, president of digital media business, at the 20th Adobe MAX Creative Conference. “Creativity is increasingly a team sport — whether […]

‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo,’ a heartfelt, inclusive coming-of-age K-drama

When one perceives a main character, one automatically presumes them to be able-bodied who have to overcome some sort of difficulty. With “Extraordinary Attorney Woo,” the protagonist, Woo Young Woo, is an exceptional, and well, an extraordinary lawyer on the autism spectrum. The K-drama follows her adventures as she learns more about the human condition, […]

KonsultaMD: Free mental help support is just a chat away

LEADING telemedicine provider KonsultaMD further expanded its chat features to include free mental health support for Filipinos suffering from stress, anxiety and other mental illnesses.It has partnered with Mental Health Matters, founded by celebrity and philanthropist Kylie Verzosa, for the added service in KonsultaChat. The organization raises awareness of mental health issues and provides a […]

Lim: Dance to the rhythm

I am perhaps the only person who likes to wake up early while on vacation yet likes to wake up late the rest of the year.I’m not a morning person. It takes a while for me to warm up. I don’t schedule morning appointments unless I have to. I don’t even want people talking to […]