Espina: Virtual learning

The Department of Education and Commission on Higher Education improvised learning activities during the Covid-19 pandemic, and schools were guided to conceive course syllabi, instructional strategies and tools. Virtual learning was the best and most accessible for appropriate courses in various academic levels. The home-based virtual learning programs were feasible in college and post-graduate courses. […]

Wenceslao: Patriot president

I found it rather frustrating to read the report about the tandem of Sen. Christopher “Bong” Go and President Rodrigo Duterte leading in the Pulse Asia survey on presidential and vice presidential bets in the 2022 elections. I thought that, like in the US, the pendulum of public opinion has finally swung back towards favoring […]

Mendoza: Hamilton hot on equal rights too

BEFORE winning the recent Bahrain F1, which kicked off the 2021 Formula One season, Lewis Hamilton swore to continue supporting the equal rights movement sparked by the death of George Floyd, who, while already in police custody, was kneed to death last year by Derek Chauvin, a white police officer in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Chauvin is […]

5 sleek bags for style minimalists

Oversized bags are a trend of the past (for now, at least). It’s high time we shift back to a “less is more” approach and switch to smaller, more practical-sized bags. Several local businesses have crafted bags that are design-driven, modern yet not overly trendy and functional. Check out these chic minimalist bags from proudly […]