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Tennis is unlike any other sport on earth. It’s one on one. No coaches are allowed to sit beside you and whisper suggestions. You only use one racket but you have six extra in your bag. The surfaces differ. There’s grass. There’s clay. There’s hard-court. You play indoors. You play outdoors. Or, you can start […]

Limpag: So far so good in Tokyo

I was optimistic but I was guarded when I watched Nesthy Petecio’s first match in women’s boxing in the Olympics. I couldn’t help but recall Harry Tanamor’s 2008 stint. A two-time Olympian, a silver-medalist in the world championship and touted as gold medal winner by no less than the Associated Press, Tanamor fell in the […]

Limpag: Jack and the Z shot

After writing about Efren Reyes’ famous “Z shot” against Earl Strickland, I got a reaction from a most unlikely source, Jack “The Wack” Jakosalem. He was a Cebu City councilor at that time and the chairman of the sports committee. Though we’d meet often in sports functions and we’d often talk whenever anything sports-related came […]