Groups slam Senate for lack of youth reps in mandatory ROTC hearing 

YOUTH GROUPS on Wednesday condemned the exclusion of representation from their sector in Senate deliberations on the proposed revival of mandatory military training among tertiary level students.   They lambasted in particular Senator Ronald M. Dela Rosa, who chaired the meeting, calling him “cunning” for refusing to hear the youth’s stance on the plan to reinstate […]

US warship sails through sensitive Taiwan Strait; China angered

WASHINGTON – A US warship sailed through the sensitive Taiwan Strait on Thursday, part of what the US military calls routine activity but which has riled China. In recent years, US warships, and on occasion those from allied nations such as Britain and Canada, have sailed through the strait, drawing the ire of China, which claims Taiwan against the objections of its democratically elected government. In a statement, the US military said the […]

Forced military training costly, adverse to critical thinking — students

STUDENT groups on Monday signed a unity statement against the proposed mandatory military training at the tertiary level, citing its adverse impact on critical thinking and the additional financial costs that it entails.    “This is still a form of campus militarization. We know that this act of providing a new face to the mandatory ROTC […]

China warns top US general off ‘arbitrary provocations’

WASHINGTON/BEIJING — A senior Chinese military officer warned his US counterpart on Thursday that any “arbitrary provocations” would be met with a “firm counterstrike” by China, but added that the two sides should strengthen dialogue and control risks.  The world’s two largest economies are at loggerheads over a series of contentious issues, from the status […]

Ukraine’s Kalush Orchestra raises $900,000 for military by auctioning Eurovision trophy

Kalush — PHOTO FROM INSTAGRAM.COM/KALUSH.OFFICIAL UKRAINE’s Kalush Orchestra, which won the Eurovision Song Contest earlier this month, raised $900,000 for the country’s military battling the Russian invasion by selling the contest’s trophy. The group won Eurovision with their entry “Stefania,” surfing a wave of public support to claim an emotional victory that was welcomed by […]