Soriano: Founders must be purpose driven

Among all the values that family organizations embrace while navigating complexities, a “shared purpose” comes to mind. It is one super value that differentiates family-owned businesses from a non-family one and by default, stands out as a major difference, along with family unity and ownership transfer. According to Carlos Mas Ivars of IE University, “Families […]

Tabada: Tilapia redux

Tilapia first crossed my plate in Quezon City. Once and never to return, I vowed. At the university canteen, I chose a nicely fried fish and was shocked when it came on a plate, camouflaged under an ooze of greens like a Hollywood actor penetrating a jungle camp. Because I skipped breakfast and lunch to […]

Carvajal: Last road out

ANY successful enterprise starts with a clear vision or dream of what it wants to achieve. On top, therefore, of dream elections should glow the ultimate goal of social reform, a dream society. If our humanity, as generally accepted, consists essentially in the ability to be loving, compassionate, just and fair to fellow human beings, […]

Carvajal: Blurred lines

My Holy Week column takes off from a women’s group’s call earlier this month for women of faith to resist tyranny. As we recall Our Lord Jesus Christ’s crucifixion, we must not forget that his death on the cross was by the hands of Roman secular, and Jewish religious, tyrants. This is the right call […]

Impounded vehicles must be registered before release

OWNERS of impounded unregistered vehicles must register their vehicles before the Traffic Enforcement Agency of Mandaue (Team) can release them. Since February 2021, the Team has been strictly implementing the traffic rules and regulations in its jurisdiction by conducting random checkpoint operations. Edwin Jumao-as, executive director of the Team, instructed all the divisions in his […]

No to ‘Cha-cha’ at this time

The Financial Executives Institute of the Philippines (FINEX) released the following statement last month in reaction to the House of Representatives’ renewed push for Charter change (Cha-cha): “We agree that the economic provisions of the Constitution must be amended to make the country a more attractive investment destination. Having said that, we are strongly opposed […]