Carvajal: Branches of the same tree

Strictly speaking, a political turncoat is one that dumps the socio-economic and political beliefs of her/his party to join another party that swears by a different ideology. Our political parties, however, are essentially factions of one Extreme Right Party.Strictly speaking, therefore, party-jumping legislators are not turncoats but mere opportunists. Much like monkeys that instinctively hop […]

Philippines’ political risk remains ‘significant’

The Philippines overall rating improved by a point to 58 (out of 100) with “significant” risk temperature level in the quarterly Political Risk Index by global advisory, broking and solutions company WTW (formerly Willis Towers Watson) in collaboration with Oxford Analytica. The index analyzes patterns in the world’s most vulnerable countries, covering key political perils […]

TikTok is propagandists’ new tool to win elections in Southeast Asia

By Nuurrianti Jalli Scholars and political observers have raised concerns over public opinion maneuvering on social media in Southeast Asia as three countries in the region — the Philippines, Malaysia, and Indonesia — are gearing up for elections. Propagandists’ strategic maneuvering of public opinion on social media remains a dangerous threat to democracy in Southeast Asia. […]

Ruling party row: Pacquiao expelled by Duterte group; Pimentel dismisses pronouncement 

THE RULING PDP-Laban party under President Rodrigo R. Duterte on Sunday announced that Senator Emmanuel “Manny” D. Pacquiao has been automatically expelled for filing his certificate for presidential candidacy under a different party, but the other faction led by the party founder’s son dismissed the pronouncement.  Mr. Pacquiao on Friday filed his candidacy under the Progressive Movement for the Devolution of Initiatives (PROMDI), noting the party’s alliance with PDP-Laban […]


When people talk about Philippine politics, the issue of political dynasties is — and will always be — at the forefront of discussions. Now that we are approaching an election year, the seemingly accepted “truth” that dynasties are bad for us becomes all the more salient, in the media, and among voters as well. Is […]

Carvajal: Not unless…

What does change mean? Going back to our old ways as a people is change. Moving on with a more relevant way of life is change. Replacing political leaders is change; so is shifting to a new form of government. Which of these and myriad other changes do Filipinos want? That depends on the why […]

Carvajal: When gods play poker

Having watched so many Westerns during this pandemic, I couldn’t help comparing the country’s current political scene to a poker game in a Wild West saloon. In this all too familiar scene in a typical Western movie, you see impeccably dressed professional gamblers and big cattle ranchers playing poker in one corner of the saloon. […]

Carvajal: Played for fools

It is critical to the nation’s inclusive development because it insures that power is not exercised by the wealthy elite alone and economic benefits are not exclusively enjoyed by them. Yet, the 1987 Constitution’s ban on political dynasties has remained a paper ban. Our lawmakers, who are either members or proxies of political dynasties, have […]

Tell it to SunStar: Rights group raps separation of political prisoner from newborn a day after delivery

“Two mothers weep today—Mary grieves over the death of her son Jesus Christ and Elizabeth Estilon weeps for her newborn son who was separated from her a day after giving birth.” This was the statement of Kapatid, a support group for families and friends of political prisoners, on Good Friday, the day in which Christians […]