Marcos seen having free hand to pursue Constitutional reforms

LEADING presidential vote-getter Ferdinand R. Marcos, Jr. has no political debts that would tie his hands in pursuing Constitutional reforms, with a reversal of the current government’s policy direction seen as only the “worst-case scenario,” the Foundation for Economic Freedom (FEF) said. “A BBM presidency is not invested in the 1987 Constitution and the CARP […]

Carvajal: Wellspring of progress

There has never been any doubt about our ability as a people to innovate. The problem is more like our essentially colonial culture puts a premium on traditional ways as practiced by school, government, business and religious bosses. It discourages a critical attitude towards traditional systems or ways of coping with our reality. In short, […]

Gov’t Q1 tax effort improves

The share of tax collections in the country’s economic output rose to a record first quarterl level of 14.41% in January to March, according to the Department of Finance (DoF), a sign of improved economic activity amid a coronavirus pandemic.  State tax revenue went up by 0.44 percentage point during the quarter from a year […]