Aismixer Launches Its Coin Shuffle Service Platform, Protecting Users’ Privacy

Hong Kong, May 23, 2021 – (ACN Newswire via – Recently, Aismixer has announced the launching of its coin shuffle platform which can protect users’ privacy to the maximum extent. Coin shuffle, is a word that sounds dim and dark. But in fact, most coin shuffle services are legal. According to Chainalysis, an analysis […]

Army Ant Limited Announces the Release of Its Encryption Mixer ANTUSDT

London, UK – Recently, Army Ant has announced the release of its encryption mixer (coin shuffle) ANTUSDT. “Weak Anonymity” V.S the “Black Money”, which one would users prefers? Digital currency is actually not completely anonymous (pseudo-anonymity), so the encryption mixer was born – ANTUSDT. The digital currency address will not be linked to a real identity in real life, but […]