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Tennis is unlike any other sport on earth. It’s one on one. No coaches are allowed to sit beside you and whisper suggestions. You only use one racket but you have six extra in your bag. The surfaces differ. There’s grass. There’s clay. There’s hard-court. You play indoors. You play outdoors. Or, you can start […]

Limpag: Jack of all trades

I joined another tennis club today, my second since the pandemic. The first one has sort of gone inactive and since I’ve been playing regularly at this other club, I thought, what the heck, why not join? Might even get a chance to join their summer tournament. One thing though, this whole getting active in […]

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Happy Heart’s day! Allow me to reprint an article I wrote a few years ago. It’s a true story… There once was a dream girl named Jasmin. Intelligent, funny and the president of our college student council, she was a cross between Alice Dixson and Sharon Cuneta. To top all that, she bagged the Intramurals […]

Limpag: Something good, for now

DUE to pressure from the international community, stakeholders in Philippine volleyball finally got its act together and held an election to form a new group, the Philippine National Volleyball Federation. The group is expected to be recognized when the FIVB—the world body for volleyball—meets this weekend, bringing the Philippines back to the international fold. Which […]