Carvajal: Stumbling block

DEEPLY woven into the fabric of our culture is the religion of medieval Catholic Spain. As claimed by Catholic Spanish Royals, it was introduced with the expressed aim of Christianizing us. But, whether expressed or not, it had the undesirable effect of making the natives meekly accept the negative realities of life under Spain’s colonial […]

Malilong: Let’s have vaccines first

President Duterte threatened to jail those who refuse to be vaccinated against the coronavirus during a televised address to the nation last Monday. His justice secretary disagreed with him the following day, saying that there is no law compelling citizens to get vaccinated. His spokesman, again showing his mastery of the art of discombobulation, suggested […]

Editorial: Letting the chance slip

The close to 3,000 medical frontliners of the Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center (VSMMC) in Cebu City and other health institutions in the region deserve to be the first recipients of the vaccine against the highly infectious disease that has ravaged the country for the last 11 months. Their daily exposure to people afflicted with […]