Bzzzzz: If it wins, BOPK to ‘file all the cases’ to rescind Carbon Market deal. We have all the evidence, says Tomas. Plans ‘mayor of the night,’ dorm for single-moms working at call centers.

Talks like he’d be next mayor AT a “pulong-pulong” cum press conference Friday, December 3, before vendors and other residents in the Carbon Market area, former mayor Tomas Osmeña said they’d “file all the cases” against the P5.5-billion joint venture agreement (JVA) that would modernize the market, saying they have “all the evidence” for its […]

Bzzzzz: Still a surprise, if Tomas or Margot runs for top city post. Bimbo Fernandez to file COC for mayor or VM but not against Osmeña couple. Sara, Leni still have to speak up on final decision.

Surprise to Bebot, Ong supporters THAT former mayor and Bando Osmeña–Pundok Kauswagan (BOPK) chief Tomas Osmeña or his wife Margot might run for any of Cebu City’s top posts has long been speculated on early enough. Tomas is known for keeping his cards to his chest, to the point of putting off the filing of […]