Finance chief urges franchisers to digitalize, climate-proof ops

FRANCHISERS are urged to lead the charge in greening and transforming the country’s business sector by mainstreaming digitalization in their operations and embracing sustainable business practices.Finance Secretary Benjamin Diokno made this call to the members of the Philippine Franchise Association (PFA).“I call on you, as industry leaders and business operators, to transform the Philippine business […]

My first 25 years

How time flies. I didn’t realize that I’ve been in business for 25 years now since retiring from Manulife Insurance Company at age 49.To mark the moment, I’m pleased to share with you some of the most important lessons and insights I’ve learned since becoming my own boss.Please feel free to share these with others […]

How to live in a Muchos kind of way

Channel that fun Latin vibe.Latin roots have a fiery and vibrant characteristic that’s unmistakable. There’s drama, there’s passion, and a whole lotta heart. We made this special playlist on Spotify, curating some of our fave Latin beats. From sexy Samba and booty-shaking Bachata, to hot Kizomba and foot-stomping Latino-pop, this curated pre-visit lineup will get […]

A game any true wrestling fan can enjoy

1 of 3 A STILL from the trailer of the game WWE 2K22 Crystar Labyrinth Legend Video Game Review WWE 2K22 Sony PlayStation 5 Crystar Nintendo Switch Labyrinth Legend Switch MAKING a good wrestling game seems pretty simple conceptually. If you channel the best parts of World Wrestling Entertainment live shows and add interactivity to […]

FMC 2022 Instrumental Music Competition Registration Now Open

LONDON, Aug 26, 2022 – (ACN Newswire via – Every year, the FMC-Film Music Contest, the biggest international music competition and awards of its kind in Europe expanding to Asia intended for composers of original music for Film, TV, Ads, Videogames., provides a competitive platform for original musical compositions and pieces from around the […]

Basic etiquette for resigning employees

I’m the human resource (HR) manager of a medium-sized corporation. For the past two years, we’ve experienced resignations by employees who simply leave without permission or advance notice. It appears that people are no longer worried about their reputations among employers. They’ve not even bothered to ask for clearances. What is the expected etiquette for […]

Malilong: Growing old

You know you’re getting old, my favorite law professor Teddy Almase once told me, when you start missing some steps that you used to make even with your eyes closed around the house. It starts with your eyesight, former Talisay City mayor Delia Bacaltos Tiu said on another occasion, and it goes downhill from there.I […]

Dela Calzada: The mobile tattoo artist

During the nationwide lockdown, most people discovered new hobbies and unlocked new skills.Some rekindled their love for homemaking, gardening, and being a handyman to keep them sane during those days. Others were even able to start home-based businesses, offering homemade and handcrafted products.While almost everyone was busy being homemakers, a 28-year-old graphic designer was busy […]

Suarez-Orendain: Bored and funny

There is nothing funny about boredom, and neither is there anything funny about the pandemic. But we try our best to beat the beast known as boredom and the loss of the ability to laugh with activities.This brings me to July. The month is celebrated in the US as the National Anti-boredom Month and July […]

Uplift Your ‘New-Normal’ Kitchen with Special Deals from Bosch Home Appliances to Warm Everyone’s Heart

SINGAPORE, Jun 27, 2022 – (ACN Newswire via – Restrictions have been mostly lifted and family or friendly gatherings are back on the menu! While dining out is an option, nothing beats the cosy atmosphere of a homely get-together where friends and family get to bond over fresh home-cooked meals. However, it may have […]