Counting down 21 days, top-level globalization summit to be held in Shanghai

Shanghai, China, October 18, 2022 – (SEAPRWire) – The EqualOcean Summit for Globalization 2022 (ESG2022) will be held in Shanghai on November 8 during the 5th China International Import Expo (CIIE) by the globalization think tank EqualOcean. The summit will focus on the third generation of global entrepreneurs and respond to China’s promotion of high-level opening up from the perspective of industry research.

ESG2022 will be the first cross-boundary communication platform for entrepreneurs, investors, scholars, and diplomats. It is of special significance to hold high-level market-driven activities during the “CIIE”.

Other highlights include:

  • The “2022 China Brand Globalization Index Report” will be released and the list of “Global Brand 100” will be announced;
  • The “Chinese Brand Globalization Resource Handbook 2022” will be released, and representative service providers in each field will be promoted;
  • “50 Global Young Leaders in China’s globalization ” and “50 Global Leaders in China’s globalization ” will be released to express a new voice of the global generation;
  • Senior diplomats and well-known scholars of international relations will attend and give macro guidance to global entrepreneurs;
  • Representative enterprises from the industry chain will be present at the seminar, covering all ecosystems of globalization, and insightful communication and links will be made on-site.

Some of the confirmed guests include: Lin Minwang, professor at the Institute of International Studies of Fudan University and expert on Indian issues; Li Wei, professor at Renmin University of China and expert of the United States issues; Xu Liping, researcher at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and expert of Southeast Asia issues; Sun Degang, professor from the Institute of International Studies of Fudan University, also an expert on Middle East issues; Wang Guanchun, founder of LAIYE Technology; Hao Yusheng, chief representative of NASDAQ China; Song Xiangqian, chairman of Harvest Capital; Li Feng, founding partner of FREES FUND Capital; Jiang Shun, partner of INCAPITAL; Shu Chang, vice-chairman of China Youth Entrepreneurs Association; Pei Yigen, vice-chairman of Shanghai Service Federation; Zhang Peng, executive chairman of Beijing Youth Entrepreneurs Association; and Wen Jing, assistant researcher of Strategy and Security Research Center Tsinghua University, etc.

ESG2022’s strategic partner “Wu Jianmin Public Welfare Foundation” will coordinate several senior diplomats to attend the summit and hold a closed-door panel to give macro-level guidance to entrepreneurs who are going for globalization/going overseas.

ESG2022 will invite representative platforms, consumer brands, and technology companies in globalization field, including Alibaba International, AliExpress, Amazon, TikTok, AliCloud, Meta, Anker Innovation, NIO, Geek+, NEIWAI, XAG Technology, Rokid, ninebot, moody, PatPat, Cyclone-robotics, dreame, Ecoflow, Westwell Technology, RENOGY, Roborock Technology, Insta360, CooHom, Jushuitan ERP, Muzen Radio, 42Verse, etc.

In addition, the most representative venture capital firms and financial advisory firms in the globalization direction will be invited, including SEQUOIA Capital, Gaorong Capital, 5Y Capital, Blue Lake Capital, Yunqi Partners, Fosun RZ Capital, eWTP Arabia Capital, LightHouse Capital, Index Capital, Yiren Capital, Foresight Capital, Wavierider Capital, etc.

ESG 2022 Agenda

  • 9:15-9:30/ Government Official’s Address
  • 9:30-9:50/ Report release: The 2022 China Brand Globalization Index Report
  • 9:50-10:00/ Launch ceremony: Alliance for China’s Brands and Globalization & Brand Globalization Intellects
  • 10:00-10:45/ Roundtable: China’s Globalization Strategy Outlook
  • 10:45-11:30/ Roundtable: Crosstalk of a Global-born Generation
  • 11:30-12:15/ Roundtable: Opportunities for China’s Brands to Go Global – Observations from Diplomats
  • 12:15-12:20/ Award session 1: 50 Global Leaders in China’s globalization
  • 12:20-13:50/ Lunch Break
  • 14:30-14:20/ Keynote: Opportunities and Challenges for China in the Next 10 Years
  • 14:20-15:05/ Roundtable: How to Build a Global Brand
  • 15:05-15:25/ Keynote: Forging China’s Global Brands
  • 15:25-16:10/ Roundtable: Entrepreneurship Across Continents
  • 16:10-16:30/ Keynote: Infrastructure for Globalization
  • 16:30-17:15/ Roundtable: Service Providers on Building a Global Brand
  • 17:15-17:35/ Keynote: Investors’ View: Business and Investment Opportunities in the Tide of Globalization
  • 17:35-17:40/ Award session 2: TOP Investment Institutions/FA/Service Providers for China’s Globalization

Our event will be held during the fifth China International Import Expo (CIIE), where national leaders, government officials, diplomats from various countries and management from famous enterprises from home and abroad will gather in Shanghai. ESG2022 will take advantage of the CIIE to raise the voice of the third generation of global entrepreneurs and respond to the national construction of high-level opening up from our perspectives.

We cordially invite entrepreneurs, investors and representatives from all segments of the industry, who are interested in the direction of globalization/going abroad, to come to Shanghai on November 8 to participate and witness together.

About ESG2022 and EqualOcean

ESG2022, known as EqualOcean Summit For Globalization 2022, is positioned as the top industry conference that brings together the third generation of global entrepreneurs and global brands. ESG2022 will be held in Shanghai on November 8, 2022 during the fifth China International Import Expo (CIIE), and will include not only the most representative global entrepreneurs, brand leaders and investors, but also government representatives, academics, diplomats in China and representatives of international organizations. ESG2022 will release “2022 China Brand Globalization Index Report”, “2022 China Brand Globalization Resource Handbook 2022 Edition”, “2022 China 50 Young Leaders in Globalization”, “2022 China 50 Leaders in Globalization”, etc.

Founded in November 2018, EqualOcean is a business information platform and think tank that focuses on Chinese brands going global and on helping overseas investors or organizations to grasp China’s development opportunities. For clients from China, EqualOcean provides macro political and economic analysis, overseas market and industry research, brand international makeup photos, overseas resource building, etc. EqualOcean has both Chinese and English websites, and is one of the very few organizations in China with the ability to write in-depth reports in English.

EqualOcean’s global partners include Bloomberg Terminal, Refinitiv, SeekingAlpha, Nasdaq, ACN Newswire, SeaPRwire and other platforms. EqualOcean’s business analysts are frequently interviewed by Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Financial Times, SCMP and other well-known media outlets.

ESG2022 is now in the process of registration. For more information please visit EqualOcean’s website. If you have any questions about ESG2022, please feel free to contact us at our Wechat official account or via LinkedIn(EqualOcean).

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