Global Multi-location Collaboration Between Supercell and Pop Mart, A “Clash Style” Went Viral

Recently, Supercell, a globally famous game giant, and POP MART, a representative of designer toys, have carried out large-scale offline activities in the United States, Singapore, South Korea, and Taiwan under the theme of “Clash of Clans and Clash Royale.” The global cross-border collaboration was so popular that not only the players actively participated, but also many passersby were attracted to take part in the craze.

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Blind box figures were released globally, and the fine workmanship was highly praised

In September, Supercell and POP MART jointly launched the first set of “Clash of Clans and Clash Royale” blind box figures in the world. 14 figures were launched, including 12 regular character figures such as Mega Knight, Princess, and Hog Rider, as well as two uncommon character figures, the “Barbarian King” and the “King,” that can only be obtained with a certain possibility. The cute shape of the figures and their heroic image formed a huge contrast, bringing a refreshing visual experience for customers. Because of the fine workmanship and lovely shape, this set of blind box figures achieved outstanding sales performance and garnered a large number of praises from the figure fans and game players at the same time.

The first set of “Clash of Clans and Clash Royale” blind boxes

Clash chiefs gathered for offline activities, and the themed stores became popular places

“Clash Fest” is a carnival held by Supercell for “Clash of Clans” and “Clash Royale.” It is also a gift to the players of the two games. Supercell hopes that more players can participate and enjoy the fun, and more passersby can experience the charm of Clash of Clans through more creative online and offline events.

Clash-themed decorations in U.S. POP MART stores

American players enjoyed the figures in front of the Clash of Clans booth

Based on this, Supercell joined hands with POP MART stores in South Korea, Singapore, the United States, Taiwan, and other places to create a new designer toy store with the theme of “Clash of Clans.” The classic characters such as the Barbarian King and Princess can be seen everywhere, from the cardboard cutouts at the entrance of the store to the wallpaper in the windows. The classic characters of “Clash of Clans and Clash Royale” broke the boundaries of online gaming and offline activity and partied with the Clash players who came by appointment. The stores gradually became trendy places, and the lively scene added a wonderful touch to the Clash games.

Clash-themed decorations can be found everywhere in Taiwan’s POP MART stores

Taiwan players who visited the store

Offline activities were popular, and cross-border collaboration attracted tons of fans

It is worth mentioning that Supercell also held offline activities at the POP MART stores in Singapore and South Korea to cheer for the “Clash of Clans and Clash Royale” 2022 Global Finals. During the finals, Supercell not only contracted the big screen in Singapore’s Funan Mall to broadcast live for the players present, but also invited professional commentators to explain the game to the audience in the South Korean store. A 5V5 friendship challenge was also conducted along with the live broadcast. Many non-players were attracted by the lively atmosphere, and some passers-by even downloaded the game on site and played the game over broadcast live viewing.

A snack cabinet was provided in the South Korean store for offline activities, and players took a photo to commemorate with the cardboard cutouts

A 5v5 mini game was conducted in the South Korean store

The Clash of Clans tournament was being broadcast live in Singapore at the Funan Mall

Singapore players spontaneously gathered at the stairs to watch the game

Singaporean players selected blind boxes in the store

This cross-border cooperation brings an online and offline immersive experience for Clash of Clans players and also makes an attempt of new brand cross-border cooperation, breaks the circle barrier between games and designer toys, and helps to realize communication between designer toy players and game players. Feeling the enthusiasm of players, Supercell also said that it would carry out more diversified offline collaborative activities in more areas. The theme store jointly built with POP MART in Hong Kong will be launched in the near future, and it is expected that players can feel the charm of the Clash of Clans game here.