5 YouTube fitness channels to follow ASAP

Fitness has become more of a struggle than usual. With Covid-19 making us stay home most of the time, and snacking somehow being one of the most gentle comforts we can enjoy in the crazy world we live in today, it’s no wonder many people have been complaining about their “quarantine fluff.”

To top it all off, going to the gym—or anywhere else where you could be exposed to other people—is still a little daunting, so how in the world can anyone stay fit if he doesn’t have his own fitness routine?

Well, when you can’t go to the gym, you can always go on YouTube. It’s a place filled with fitness routines, fitspiration stories and videos made specifically for people who can do them from home.

Personalized, practical and free, here are five fitness YouTube channels you should check out now:

Popsugar Fitness

Popsugar is a channel that offers its viewers workouts alongside fitness experts and popular celebrity trainers. What it offers is variety—a hodgepodge of different cardio and total body workouts for those who love trying out new things. From their “Victoria’s Secret Workout” to Tabata and Zumba, there are so many videos to try that can spice up your road to healthy living.


What makes FitnessBlender unique is that the persons behind it are a couple. Husband and wife Daniel and Kelli offer workout routines and health information to their many subscribers. FitnessBlender content also varies in difficulty and range—targeted, total body and HIIT workouts that anyone can easily try.

Yoga with Adriene

Yoga with Adriene is a staple—one of the favorites among yoga beginners and experts alike. Adriene is like your chill best friend whose presence relaxes you. As you go through the flows, Adriene provides you with alternative poses that adjust to your skill level and capabilities.

With playlists that offer yoga content for different durations, moods and goals, Yoga with Adriene is a great channel to follow if you’re looking to add mindfulness and yoga into your fitness routine. Plus, her cute dog Benjie makes tons of cameos.


If Adriene is your chill yoga friend, Cassey from Blogilates is that sassy and bubbly fitness friend—almost like a cheerleader—who cheers you on as you go about working out with her. Apart from her targeted and total body Pilates workout videos, she also has some tips, challenges and reaction videos. What draws people to her channel, besides the content, is her perky personality.


For those of you who love jamming out to songs while working out or dancing, you’ll definitely enjoy MadFit’s channel. Maddie is that athletic friend who seems to be low-key good at everything. With routines that require almost no equipment—apart from the occasional yoga mat—you can follow the workouts from the comforts of your home because that’s where she does her routines too. From dance sculpting and stretching to cardio and HIIT, MadFit does tons of her videos to the beat of our favorite songs.