Bullied by friends, 27-year-old man takes own life, police says

NEIGHBORS’ bullying reportedly led a 27-year-old man to depression and later to his death after he reportedly took his own life in Danao City, northern Cebu.The man’s body was found by her mother on Sunday morning, June 26, 2022.Based on the police investigation, the mother noticed a few days ago that her son was sad, always in a pensive mood. When she asked him about his problems, her son would not tell her.Around 6 a.m. Sunday, the mother knocked on the door of his son’s room. Worried that he did not answer, she opened the door by force but her son was not there.So she looked for him. She later found him lifeless outside the house.Relatives tried to revive the man but they all failed.The mother said her son had told her he would take his own life but he did not divulge his problems. She believed the bullying that her son had received from their neighbors could have pushed him to take his own life.The mother said her son was a good man and he had no history of involvement in any crime.Police said the family believed that there was no foul play involved in the man’s death.If you are having suicidal thoughts and/or mental health crisis, do not hesitate to call for help. These are the Hopeline and National Center for Mental Health Crisis Hotline in the Philippines: Hopeline PH’s 24/7 hotlines: 0917-558-4673 (Globe) 0918-873-4673 (Smart) 02-88044673 (PLDT) 2919 (toll-free for Globe and TM).For the National Center for Mental Health Crisis Hotline, they can be contacted through; 0917-899-8727 and 0917-899-USAP / 989-8727 / 989-USAP.