Cebu City adds QR codes to Covid-19 vaccination cards

THE Covid-19 vaccination cards in Cebu City have been added with Quick Response (QR) code as security feature.

This innovation is also part of the City’s preparations in case the Inter-Agency Task Force (IATF) for the Management of Emerging Infectious Diseases will implement the easement of entry requirements for fully vaccinated individuals, said City Councilor David Tumulak, one of the cluster heads of the Vaccine Advisory Board.

Once scanned, the QR code shows the vaccinee’s name, date of inoculation and the Covid-19 vaccine brand.

Tumulak said the City have made 110,000 vaccination cards with QR codes. Some of the cards were already released to the vaccinated individuals.

The Vaccine Advisory Board is now coordinating with around 1,000 healthcare workers inoculated in the city’s vaccination sites, telling them to visit the City Hall because it wants to install QR codes in their vaccination cards.

The healthcare workers belong to the first batch of vaccinees in the city.

The City is also set to coordinate with hospitals and Project Balik Buhay (PBB), a group from the private sector that helps the government in the pandemic efforts. Tumulak said they want to identify the individuals inoculated under them who are residents in Cebu City.

Tumulak will ask the hospitals and PBB to share to the City their data to identify those Cebu City residents.

As of Thursday afternoon, July 8, 2021, Cebu City had inoculated 87,586 individuals for the first dose, while 27,575 individuals had been fully vaccinated after completing their second dose.

The Management Information and Computer Services (MICS) data also shows that there are now 293,794 registrants for the City’s vaccination program.

Cebu City residents can register online through, or they can visit their respective barangays’ registration desks if they have no access to the internet. (JJL)