DOH 7: Keep mindful of Covid

ALTHOUGH the threat of the Covid-19 has been downgraded by the World Health Organization (WHO) from being a public health emergency of global concern, 21 individuals with Covid-related illnesses and in critical condition were taken to hospitals across Central Visayas last week.

According to a recent health bulletin from the Department of Health in Central Visayas (DOH 7), these patients were sent to the intensive care unit (ICU) for Covid-related illnesses.

The ICU is a specialized area of the hospital where the sickest patients receive care from a team of highly qualified doctors, nurses and other medical care providers.

The bulletin shows that 11.61 percent or 11 of the 92 ICU beds for Covid-19 patients in the region were occupied, while 21.98 percent or 217 of the 987 non-ICU beds were used.

From May 7 to May 13, 2023, the DOH 7 confirmed that there were 274 new Covid-19 cases recorded in the region.

The number translates to an average of 39 new Covid-19 cases recorded per day in the region during the second week of May 2023.

The DOH 7 has also confirmed deaths of two Covid-19 patients during this time frame.


Meanwhile, the DOH 7 data shows that the region has reached the target number of vaccinated people in the region.

A total of 4,943,540 people or 86.64 percent of the target population in Central Visayas had been vaccinated.

The target population of DOH 7 is 5,705,754 individuals or 70 percent of the total Central Visayas population which is 8,151,077.

An additional 349 individuals were given booster shots from May 8 to 14, bringing the total number of individuals vaccinated with the booster shots as of May 15 to 1,161,1523.

The DOH 7 advises the public to follow health procedures even though international experts may no longer view Covid-19 as a global health emergency.

“Everyone is reminded not to be complacent about the threat of Covid-19. We must continue to properly follow the minimum public health standard,” a portion of the health bulletin read in Cebuano.