Espina: Aromatic essences

It was a soothing afternoon we had at the Seda Hotel Central Bloc with general manager Ron Manalang and his staff of charming ladies who greeted us—Chinggay Utzurrum, Aissa de la Cruz and Honey Loop.

Trina de la Calzada gave her welcome remarks and promised an afternoon of “Aromatic Essences, a Promise of Purity.” Yes, it was all about oil and its happy blend of lemon, vodka, name it, as it was all mixed up in a “perfume blend.” The charming resource speaker was Sybill Lumbab.

Let us savor the smell of the essences—cardiovascular, musculoskeletal, respiratory, digestive, hormonal and above all, the integumentary and emotional blends.

The most significant was the closing message of charming GM Manalang. He said that there could be many essences the media could savor, but he said, “the ultimate essence of Seda Central Bloc is its limitless service, especially during the Covid pandemic when Seda Central continued its services to help victims, sustain employment of their staff and solidify team work to serve the community.”

The gracious Ron was more than just a charming guy, (who reminded me of Alden Richards) but whose devotion to his profession was deep-seated.

The room where we had our massage was well furnished, clean and had all the basic amenities. The night was scenic. Oh, dinner and breakfast were all delectable. My companions Tricia and Grace, my media and Speechcom assistants, had all vivid photos to share with our readers.

The photos on this say more than words could express the “essence-ful moments” we shared at Seda Central Bloc Cebu.