Espina: Community services, awards

The highest officials of our country, the Academe and the socio-civic groups have continuously commended our front-liners.Yes! Our doctors, nurses, caregivers, midwives/students and teachers, who, in their own best, offered services to our Covid-19 pandemic survivors and until now with the surge of typhoid fever, malaria and other related epidemics.One doctoral student of mine at the University of San Jose-Recoletos Graduate school chose the heroism of our front-liners as a subject for study, and likened them to our epic heroes in ancient literature.Yes, students often thought that heroism was mere figment of imagination; heroes wielding weapons with extraordinary powers. But now, our youth see ordinary citizens as heroes of today. I am glad they uphold ordinary role models aside from what they see in TV shows or movies. More than this, our communities offer opportunities, services and food/medicine (to be continued).