Fetalvero: Through the eyes of perspective

HOW people view things depends a lot on their perspective.

When “Kapamilya” actors and talents jumped to other networks after the ABS-CBN closure, we call it survival. When a politician switches alliances, we consider him a turncoat.

Why? Because it is not a matter of not having food on the table. They can very well survive financially even if they do not change their allies.

When basketball athletes transfer to another storied franchise, it must be because they want a higher paycheck or they simply want to strengthen the team.

From your perspective, when teachers from a private school decide to take a teaching job in a public school, is it because of the challenges they face or because they get paid higher? Whatever the reason, we need good teachers for quality education.

While the most common excuse for selling illegal drugs is poverty, is it not simply because monetary gain is assured after each transaction. There are more citizens in this country wallowing in poverty but who opt not to do anything illegal.

Fixers are omnipresent in government agencies. They are there because they know there are among us who are enablers. And also because these are lazy people who just want to take advantage of people’s ominous situations.

When a child chooses to have Mommy sing a lullaby instead of recorded music from Spotify, it must be that Mom’s cuddling arms bring warmth to the infant’s fragile body.

It is obvious as to why Filipinos prefer to work abroad. The monthly compensation is a lot higher and there are more benefits offered by companies. In our country, some businessmen evade paying SSS contributions and what else.

Kenny Rogers’ lyrics in a song goes, “Why do people cry in a note of a love song?” Being sentimental under melancholic situations is inherent among people in love. While the lyrics from another song “… you got to laugh a little, love a little and let your poor heart cry a little” make us feel human, it is a simple reminder how vulnerable we can be.

When politicians who have already served a full-term in public office still want to run for another seat in government, what readily comes to mind by those looking from the outside? Candidates claim their constituents want them to run and for them to have another stint on public service. Do you buy that? Could greed for control and power be the reason behind it?

Whatever decisions, questionable or honorable, at the end of the day, we account for the choices. Are we proud of what we see in the mirror?