Letigio: Young adults’ wishes for 2023

The year is about to turn. The current year has been a challenging time for every 20-something young adult who’s trying to survive the bad state of the economy, climate and political conditions.

I’d like to take this opportunity to give voice to my fellow youth for their wishes to be heard. Here are some of them:

“My wish for 2023 kay una, to be financially stable. Ikaduha, emotional stability. Third, kay travel. Feel nako kung naa koy financial stability, masulbad tanan nakong problema.” – Nikki Pardillo, 24.

“Pareha ra mig mga gusto sa mga 25-something-old. Ganahan ko mo-travel this year and hopefully naa koy financial resources para ma-achieve na.” – Hans Sæstre, 22.

“I wish to go back to grad school because I prefer learning to work.” – Kaila Cajelo, 23.

Many young adults are dreaming to see places, especially after being locked down for two and a half years due to the pandemic. Those who graduated from mostly virtual classes also aspire to learn in traditional schools.

I believe this is an inherent desire to go back to the pre-pandemic culture, although it may be impossible to return to such a kind of life after the pandemic has pushed for digital transformation.

“Ang akong wish kay ma-reset nako akong mga bad habits. Makahimo nakog routine nga makalimpyo regularly, and then for my health, mag-exercise. Hopefully, maka-save nag money and mo-grow ang savings.” – Patricia Luardo-Rosello, 24.

“I wish for more opportunities to grow and improve as a person. I still have a lot to learn, and these opportunities are the first step to achieving my goal of being the best version of myself.” – Gerald Vincent Francisco, 24.

“Ako kay mental stability kay I want to be more true to myself. Listening to others has jeopardized my mental health.” – Zena Magto, 24.

“I wish to tap into my old hobbies again nga nalimtan tungod sa ka busy sa 2022.” – Kimberly Javier, 24.

Mental health has also taken prime importance in the lives of young adults, so much so that it has changed workplace, family, and community cultures.

The challenges that our generation has faced, the widespread information about mental health online, and government support for new policies encouraged the country to treat mental health as a priority.

As for me, I have a simple wish for 2023. I want to see myself grow into a better person.

This year, I saw myself fight to survive both internal and external battles. I made life-changing decisions; some made me feel fulfilled and others made me frustrated.

Next year, I hope to see the fruits of the sacrifices I made. I know I am in the process of changing and I am eager to see the end product of this metamorphosis.

The woman who faced the start of 2022 is no longer the same woman who leaves it. To whoever I become in 2023, I am excited to meet you.

My dear readers, I can’t wait to see who you will become, too. Happy New Year!