Mandaue firefighters map alleyways to determine length of hose needed when responding to fire alarms

FOR a faster response during fire incidents, the Mandaue City Fire Station (MCFS) has initiated “hose mapping” in the city along alleyways in the residential areas of the 27 barangays.

MCFS Fire Marshal Supt. Nelson Ababon said one of the programs they are focusing on now is hose mapping, which started on Aug. 1, 2021.

During the hose mapping, Ababon said, they first identify the alleyways of the residential areas in the barangays which cannot be penetrated by fire trucks, ambulances and other vehicles needed in times of emergency.

Afterwards, Ababon said, they will paint the length of the alleyway to determine the length of the hose that the firefighters will need in case of a fire in the area.

With this, Ababon said, the firefighters would no longer need to measure a pathway or narrow street’s distance from the main road during the fire as this existing practice causes delay in their response.

The MCFS will also place its hotline numbers, so the residents can call the station immediately in case of emergency.

Ababon said there were times when the fire victims blamed the firefighters for not responding immediately to the scene.

However, when the firefighters asked if they had called, Ababon said the residents told them that they did not know the numbers.

Since they do not have proper equipment in penetrating the interior areas, Ababon said hose mapping is the best they could do to address the issues raised by residents against them.

The latest fire incident in Mandaue City happened last Aug. 16 in Sitio Riverside, Barangay Subangdaku—25 houses were razed and 412 individuals were affected. (KFD)