Men’s 3×3 sand volleyball holiday event kicks off Nov. 30 in Liloan

VOLLEYBALL Friends Games and Events is hosting the Joyeux Noel 3X3 Men’s Sand Volleyball Season 3: The True North of Cebu Volleyball on Nov. 30, 2022 at Wiggy’s Beach Resort in Jubay, Liloan, Cebu.

The sports event is a one-day yuletide-season invitational holiday event for the phenomenal volleyball players of the Queen City of the South.

The tournament will be made up of 12 pre-selected teams.

The teams will then face each other in a single round robin and shall be ranked accordingly. Teams will be classified in descending order by the number of matches won.

The Top 4 teams will be determined for semi-finals following Rank 1 vs Rank 4 and Rank 2 vs Rank 3. Crossover is a race to 21 points with straight 2-rule (if tied at 20-20, the first team to reach 22 points is the winner).

The battle for second runner-up is between LOSE OF R1 vs R4 and LOSE OF R2 vs R3. The championship game is a battle between WIN OF R1 vs R4 and WIN OF R2 vs R3. This is a race to 31 points with straight 2-rule (if tie at 30-30, the first team to reach 32 points is the winner).

The winning teams will be awarded with cash prizes, plaques, certificates, medals and gifts.

The tournament director and officials will be strictly enforcing the guidelines on Covid-19 mitigating measures and protection procedures throughout the duration of the tournament/game proper.

The Joyeux Noel or “Merry Christmas” in French is an annual volleyball tournament by Volleyball Friends that takes place during the Yuletide season (within November to December). It features the pro, bush league and fun game volleyball players in Cebu. (PR)