Natuplag KOs Berrio, ends slump

IFUGAO warrior KJ Natuplag ended his three-fight losing streak after a fourth round knockout win over Colombian Argel Berrio on Sept. 12, 2021 at La Perle in Dubai, UAE.

The fight immediately started at a frenetic pace with both Natuplag and Berrio trading heavy blows. In the second round, Berrio landed some vicious overhand punches to the head of Natuplag. The 24-year-old Lagawe native, however, weathered the storm and started to pile up points by using his longer reach to connect with his crisp jabs.

Natuplag finally caught Berrio with a right uppercut that dropped him on a knee in the third round. Berrio was able to survive the round, but not for long, as Natuplag knocked him out in the fourth with a left hook to the head.

Natuplag improved to 9-3-2 with eight knockouts, while Berrio dropped to 18-9 with 11 knockouts.

Natuplag came into the fight with a three-fight slump after back-to-back losses in 2019 to Joe Tejones and Japanese Mikito Nakano, and to Afghan Hasibullah Ahmadi in 2021.

After losing to Ahmadi by unanimous decision in June, Natuplag decided to stay in Dubai, waiting for another fight, which came three months later.