PB asks for sea water transport to address Cebu commuter hell

IN LINE with its aim to ease the traffic congestion in Metro Cebu, the Cebu Provincial Board has approved a resolution requesting the Department of Transportation (DOTr) and other government agencies to pursue the inter-intra island sea water transport project in the island.

Cebu Sixth District Board Member Glenn Anthony Soco, author of the resolution, said it cannot be denied that the ongoing development in Cebu may also increase the number of vehicles and passengers, which may lead to traffic.

“The traffic congestion crisis in Metro Cebu and even in the nearby local government units as manifested in the debilitated long hours of daily commute and land travel has assumed the magnitude and degree of a public calamity,” Soco said.

Soco believes that the inter-intra island water transport system is an easy way to travel from one local government unit to another in mainland Cebu and its surrounding islands.

He observed that some projects intended to address traffic have been done but are still not finished and the delay has caused more inconvenience to commuters.

“Despite numerous infrastructure projects initiated to address the pressing and perennial problem of congestion and traffic in Metro Cebu, these projects are moving at a very snail-pace. With the alarming and depressing state of land transportation and its horrible effects to the public, there is a need to pursue other means and initiatives to help address the pressing concern on traffic. Such alternatives have to be worked on now,” Soco added.

According to Soco, the Regional Development Council in Central Visayas had earlier suggested to come up with a feasibility study for the project and its uses.

The Provincial Board sees that the implementation of the sea transportation system will help improve Cebu’s economy and the delivery of passengers, goods and services to the neighboring islands. (ANV / TPT)