Solon: Ways to tell if you’re exercising enough

ARE you exercising enough? How do you know you’re exercising enough? Granted, doing something is better than doing nothing at all, but what if you want something more out of your exercise, like actually improving and seeing visible results? How do you know you’re not exercising well enough?

Here are some signs that might tell you that you’re not hitting it hard enough with your exercise.

You never feel tired after your workouts

This happens when your body gets too comfortable with your routine. You might be sticking to the same workouts or lifting the same amount of weight. The solution to this is simply mixing things up by grabbing heavier weights, or by increasing the intensity of your jogging by doing sprints. Find a way to challenge yourself with your workouts.

Your body composition is not changing

This could mean you’re not losing fat, not building muscle, or not losing any weight. The solution to this is to “honestly” keep track of what you’re eating and see if you need to adjust your diet. This can happen when you’re not training hard enough or if your diet does not match your goal. Consult a dietitian for more detailed advice on this matter.

You’re chatting more than exercising in your workouts

Unless it’s an easy session, you’re probably exercising at too low of an intensity for any meaningful adaptation. A heart rate monitor can help keep you honest when you’re doing cardiovascular exercise so you can see if you’re working out in the right zone. When strength training, try to feel challenged with the weights you’re lifting.

Exercising too little often leaves us feeling unsatisfied with our effort. It’s just as dangerous as actually doing too much exercise. Try to actually challenge yourself with your workouts and see what your body is capable of doing.