Sports center’s track oval set to reopen after 13 months of closure

FITNESS enthusiasts can use again the track oval of Cebu City Sports Center (CCSC) when it reopens on May 3, 2021, after a year and one month of being closed from the public because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

CCSC manager Jundel Bontuyan said the track oval will be opened first.

The opening of other facilities such as the room for zumba and belly dancing will follow. The facility that will be opened last for public use is the swimming pool.

Bontuyan did not give specific dates for the reopening of the facilities other than the track oval.

Bontuyan said the track oval will be opened first because the majority of CCSC’s income comes from the fees of runners, joggers and brisk walkers.

The CCSC personnel’s salary comes from the sports complex’s revenue, the majority of which comes from the fees for track oval use, said Bontuyan.

The entrance fee to access the track oval remains at P20.

Bontuyan said before the Covid-19 pandemic struck the city, there had been 2,000 people who used the track oval daily.

But since health protocols need to be followed amid the pandemic, Bontuyan said they may limit the number of individuals inside the track oval at any one time to just 200.

When the issuance of tickets reaches 200, the persons who did not make the cutoff will have to wait in the waiting area.

“If some runners leave the center, for example 20, then we can replace them with another 20,” explained Bontuyan.

As for the police officers billeted in the sports center, Bontuyan said they were already transferred under the grandstand while waiting for their assignment and schedule of deployment.

The police officers, who have been working amid the pandemic, have been staying at the sports center since last year.

Bontuyan said the cleaning of the track oval and adjacent areas is ongoing. (JJL)