Tell it to Sunstar: IBP supports former DICT exec

By Integrated Bar of the Philippines

The Integrated Bar of the Philippines (IBP) recently lauded the performance and accomplishments of former Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) undersecretary Jose Vicente Salazar in public service, saying he lived up to the ideals of the organization in his various stints.

In a resolution, the IBP cited Salazar’s commitment to the organization’s “pursuit of the highest ideals of integrity and excellence in the service of the Nation.” “He (Salazar) likewise espoused these ideals as he took on several major appointive positions in government,” the IBP said.

The IBP issued the resolution following Salazar’s irrevocable resignation from his post as DICT secretary in December last year to attend to urgent family concerns. Salazar served as national president of the IBP for the term 2005-2007.

In the resolution, the IBP also noted Salazar’s achievement at the helm of the organization.

“In the performance of these and other roles in the IBP, Attorney Salazar has contributed significantly to the advancement of the goals and ideals of the IBP, particularly in promoting unity and camaraderie within its ranks; in advancing professionalism and professional development among the legal practitioners of the country; and in expanding the IBP’s presence and role in the affairs of the government and society,” the IBP said.

Salazar was key in the formation of Legal Network for Truthful Elections or Lente, a multi-sector movement spearheaded by the IBP for the education of voters and for the conduct of clean and honest elections.

“In the several decades of his commitment to and involvement with the IBP, both at the national and regional levels, Attorney Salazar has shown and proven that transparency and integrity are the key hallmarks of his person and character for which reason many members have looked up to him as a role model,” the IBP added.

Meanwhile, lawyer and constitutional law professor John Molo also cited Salazar’s achievements and crusade for reforms.

Molo, who is the current chairman of the editorial board of the IBP Law Journal, said Salazar is “warm, amiable and keenly aware of the plight of others.”