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Singapore, 23rd October 2023 – BELLA VILLA, a luxury resort-style, residence series maternity and baby care brand of SAINT BELLA, has launched its first international centre at the stylish and elegant Capella Singapore.


BELLA VILLA is an oasis of compassion, expertise, and unwavering dedication in a world where healthcare is at the forefront of our concerns. Nestled within the lush greenery of Singapore’s spectacular Sentosa Island, Capella Singapore stands as a testament to luxury and elegance, having recently been recognised as one of The World’s 50 Best Hotels in September 2023.


SAINT BELLA is a sanctuary for mothers and babies alike, where the art and science of healthcare converge to nurture and protect the most precious of bonds. The luxury maternity and baby care brand is passionate about offering the highest standard of care, providing comprehensive, compassionate, and cutting-edge healthcare services that cater to the unique needs of mothers and babies.

Officially opened on 17th October 2023, the ceremony was a splendid affair, marking the entrance of SAINT BELLA – the world’s premier maternity and baby care brand – in Singapore. Renowned Chinese born Bruneian actor and singer Wu Chun was the guest-of-honour at the event and shared his parenting insight and experiences as a father of two. 

In collaboration with SAINT BELLA’s nutritionists, Capella Singapore’s chefs presented a curated postpartum menu, allowing guests to savour the range of exquisite and nourishing meals, with a beneficial postpartum tea, that will be served during the postpartum experience at BELLA VILLA. 

Chief Nursing Doctor at SAINT BELLA, Dr Angie Liu, enlightened guests on her nursing expertise, the science of infant care and the best nursing practices, exemplifying the proficiency and capability of the care staff that will be caring for new mothers at BELLA VILLA.

With past SAINT BELLA clients, prominent media representatives and well-known influencers in attendance, the event was a remarkable celebration of motherhood and baby care.

Confinement marks a new journey for women who have just become mothers. With advanced scientific nursing concepts, every moment of each woman’s postpartum journey at SAINT BELLA is considered thoughtfully. During this precious period of time, the team ensures that each woman can luxuriate and experience enjoyment of mind, body and soul on their journey as new mothers.


With its exclusive collaboration with luxury hotel brands, including Waldorf Astoria, Peninsula, Mandarin Oriental, Rosewood and Raffles, SAINT BELLA’s launch in Singapore at the Capella Hotel marks a new chapter in its global expansion. Since its opening, Capella Singapore has been synonymous with timeless luxury and sophistication, effortlessly blending historic charm with a contemporary ambience. Here, mothers can choose to stay at an opulent two or three-bedroom suite or a stunning manor, set among the luscious grounds and designed as a private escape within the beautiful Capella Singapore estate, redefining the confinement experience with incomparable style and comfort.



Introduction to SAINT BELLA Maternity and Baby Care Brand

The founder and CEO of award-winning SAINT BELLA, Danny Xiang, envisioned a space where the journey of motherhood and childhood would be guided by expertise and empathy. Today, SAINT BELLA Maternity and Baby Care brand is a comprehensive healthcare hub that offers a wide array of services tailored to the unique needs of mothers and new-borns.


SAINT BELLA is proud to be a part of the Singapore community, and the company is committed to supporting the government’s efforts to boost the birth rate, create jobs in the healthcare sector, and boost tourism.  Its parent company PrimeCare Group is planning to invest in several maternity and baby care centres in Singapore to provide greater support for families; to build a training school that specializes in training nurses and nannies with professional maternity knowledge; and potentially be the hub for nursing care talents to be distributed to the entire SEA region in the future.  In addition, PrimeCare group is developing an innovative digital platform which can be used globally to revolutionize the nursing care system. 


BELLA VILLA is more than a maternity and baby care centre, offering a meticulous and luxurious confinement experience personalised for each mother to become a better version of herself mentally, physically, and emotionally in the days following childbirth. Each suite or manor is equipped with 24hr round-the-clock nursing care provided by professionally trained nurse and care specialist, with fixed shifts, to make certain that every mother and baby receives uninterrupted care and attention. All nursing staff at SAINT BELLA undergo meticulous professional training and have a wealth of experience to offer world-class professional standards of care.


The company advocates for the non-separation of mothers and babies in the same room, adhering to the concept of Dr Sears’ attachment parenting that gives first-time mothers the full experience of cherishing the miraculous gift of new life and treasuring the early days with their new-borns. 


The SAINT BELLA brand is centred around luxury, offering the best to ensure the health and happiness of mothers and children. They have collaborated with prestigious brands, including Cartier and Graff, with luxury private salons housing world-renowned labels from the likes of Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent. At the centre, mothers’ confinement experience is elevated with exclusive butler service throughout their stay to address their needs and wants. 



Postpartum Care: The SAINT BELLA team will observe and evaluate every mother’s postpartum maternal health and provide lactation guidance and mastitis prevention services. They also provide professional perineal and caesarean section incisions care, comprehensive assistance to breastfeeding mothers and guidance for postpartum wellness and recovery. Their IBCLC will provide lactation consultation services to help mothers achieve their breastfeeding goals. 


Paediatric Care: From new-born physical assessment to jaundice level monitoring, head nurse will provide daily room visits and health consultation. SAINT BELLA also partners with reputable and experienced paediatricians dedicated to keeping your baby healthy and thriving in the early stages of life.


Women’s Health: We provide a range of women’s health services, including routine breast care and one-on-one health consultations by senior obstetricians and health experts. 


Child Development Programmes: Our child development specialities offer early infant education training programmes and therapies to support children in reaching their developmental milestones.


Nutrition and Wellness: Our nutritionists and wellness experts focus on promoting the health and well-being of both mothers and children through holistic care, which includes preparing nourishing meals for each phase of postpartum recovery.



Care for Baby

The birth of a child is a treasured experience for every new mother, and a new-born baby requires exclusive care of the highest quality after leaving the protection of their mother’s womb to enter the world. SAINT BELLA provides round-the-clock care with a 24-hour one-on-one nursing model that offers scientific and comprehensive professional services of the highest quality for each precious baby.


Every maternal and infant product is meticulously chosen to provide mothers and babies with exclusive luxury care, making each baby’s arrival to the world full of comfort and warmth. The centre also offers early education courses, including Sensory Stimulation Training, which is specially designed for babies to build a solid foundation for every developmental milestone and healthy personal growth.


The SAINT BELLA team curates mummy’s workshops to reduce stress and boost creativity during the confinement period.  Each craft can serve as a memento to honour one of life’s most beautiful memories.  In addition, a Full Month Celebration and a new-born photography session are also thoughtfully prepared to make the baby’s developmental milestones memorable.


At BELLA VILLA Singapore, mothers-to-be can look forward to a unique luxury confinement experience with world-class care and unparalleled attention at the sophisticated Capella Hotel.




SAINT BELLA is a luxury maternity and baby care company that partners with upscale hotels to provide women with luxurious spaces to recuperate in after giving birth. The comprehensive services feature 24-hour one-on-one nursing care. SAINT BELLA is a high-luxury maternity care brand under PrimeCare International. Founded in 2017, PrimeCare International is committed to providing better maternity and baby care services for a new generation of families. PrimeCare International has grown into a lifestyle brand, with a range of sub-brands, including Baby BELLA, a light luxury brand, and PrimeCare Family, a home-based brand, whose services cover pregnancy care, maternity care, home care, and online health management. SAINT BELLA and Baby BELLA have rapidly covered the core business districts in China’s cities, and have established long-term exclusive collaboration with Rosewood Hotel, Peninsula Hotel, Park Hyatt Hotel, Waldorf Astoria Hotel and their groups. At present, SAINT BELLA and its own luxury maternity and baby care brand Baby Bella have opened nearly 50 stores across Asia. It is the leading brand in the maternity and baby care industry in Asia.


In August 2023, SAINT BELLA announced the completion of its series C funding from investors such as Tencent, China Life, Swire Properties New Ventures, and Mirae Asset, raised close to USD 100 Million which marked the biggest fundraising record in the industry’s history.



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Located within 30-acres of lush rainforest on Sentosa island, Capella Singapore has cemented itself as one of the most luxurious hotels in the region over the last decade. Inspired by the colonial building that houses the hotel lobby, aptly named Tanah Merah which translates to red soil in the Malay language that was unearthed during the construction, architect Lord Normal Foster of Fosters + Partners, designed the resort to sit in harmony with surrounding nature, while combining old-world colonial charm with contemporary chic.


Capella Singapore offers some of the city’s most spacious accommodation options with 112 guest rooms that include 38 villas and two Colonial Manors, complete with plunge pools. Capella The Club Residences Singapore also offers the opportunity for extended stays with complete access to the hotel’s facilities. These long stay options include 72 sea-facing suites and duplexes, and nine manors with private pools.


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