Modern Dental Group: Advocates of digital dentistry from the lab

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Modern Dental Group: Advocates of digital dentistry from the lab


Driven by the region’s dynamic healthcare landscape and the growing demand for advanced dental solutions, Modern Dental Group saw an opportunity to contribute its expertise to an evolving dental landscape and expanded its dental laboratory operations into South East Asia in 2018. Dental Asia speaks with Richie Leung, business director for Modern Dental South East Asia on its journey and outlook for the region into 2024.


Founded in 1986 in Hong Kong as a manufacturer and distributor of dental prosthetic devices, Modern Dental Group has since grown into a global portfolio of brands, including Labocast, Permadental and Elysee Dental in Western Europe, Yangzhijing in China, Modern Dental USA in the US, and Southern Cross Dental in Australia.

The group entered the South East Asian market in 2018 with the establishment of subsidiaries in Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. Currently, the group has its dental labs in Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia and newly established sites in Vietnam with the support of over 4,000 dental technicians from its centralised production sites in China and Vietnam to fulfil local needs and reduce production lead time to any urgent cases.

Over the past five years, Modern Dental Group’s journey in South East Asia has been marked by strategic collaborations, technological innovation and a commitment to elevating dental care standards.

“We have forged strong partnerships with dental professionals, clinics and institutions, aiming to provide them with state-of-the-art laboratory products and advanced dental solutions. The journey has been characterised by continuous learning and a dedication to excellence,” said Leung.


Serving over 25 countries and 30,000 downstream customers globally, quality control is key in production to ensure its dental prostheses meet the mark for a wide market. The coupling of in-house technicians and larger production facilities enables regional and local manufacturing teams to work together effectively.


The direct presence of skilled technicians creates a dynamic environment where expertise is actively applied and shared; their immediate access allows for real-time problem solving, contributing to a responsive and adaptive knowledge base. The collaborative environment created also encourages customisation, innovation, and experimentation with new techniques. Quality assurance is achieved while being able to support mass demand from all corners of the world.


“This cohesive in-house team promotes efficient workflows and a positive workplace culture. We can rely on our main production site in Dongguan, China to provide worldclass products without capacity issues. Overall, managing in-house dental technicians transforms our lab into a vibrant knowledge centre, enhancing craftsmanship and generating positive ripple effects across our operations,” said Leung.


In addition, the group employs various mechanics to ensure quality control in its production process. The establishment of feedback loops from end-users and dental professionals to continuously improve processes and product quality. This further helps the manufacturing in regularly reviewing and updating quality control processes to incorporate improvements and innovations. The use advanced technologies also ensure precision and consistency during the production process.




In South East Asia, Leung observes some key trends and developments that are shaping the landscape.


One significant influence is the increasing adoption of digital dentistry practices. More dental professionals are embracing digital technologies, such as intraoral scanners, 3D facial scanners and 3D printing. This shift towards digital solutions streamlines processes to improve efficiency and enhance precision allowing for more personalised and accurate treatments.


Likewise for manufacturers, the ongoing advancements in digital dentistry solutions will influence the supply chain of dental prostheses products. Leung highlighted a notable shift towards increased efficiency and speed to provide quicker delivery times. The precision and customisation capabilities offered by advanced digital tools are set to meet the surging demand for personalised dental prostheses.


“What stands out to me is the potential for decentralised manufacturing, facilitated by the seamless electronic transmission of digital f iles, allowing for localised production to cater to specific regional needs,” Leung said.

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