An exciting adventure into the world of work awaits with the Vivo V27 series

THE next generation of young professionals will soon enter the workforce, with some schools already holding graduation rites this month. College and senior high school graduates are asking themselves existential questions like what to do next with their lives. But they wouldn’t be alone: Many employees are also thinking about the career path they should pursue.

As with any new experience, navigating the world of work is equally thrilling and scary, and humbling and enlightening. To make the most out of this journey, you will need a reliable partner that can always bring out the best in you, like the latest smartphone from Vivo, the Vivo V27 Series.

Boasting the innovative Aura Portrait Algorithm with Sony IMX 766V—a customized camera sensor for Vivo, and a flagship performance frontlined by its 12GB RAM that can run up to 30 apps smoothly, learn more how this premium device can guide you towards your next big step ahead.

Highlight the me in resume

Your resume, from the content to the overall look, is a reflection of yourself. As a general rule, it’s best to keep it clean and straightforward while also reflective of your personality or character. If you’re a fresh grad, highlight academic performance and extra-curricular activities such as seminars, leadership conferences, trainings and accomplishments. But maybe there’s no need to include awards won from fourth grade.

If you already have previous work experience, highlight work accomplishments, skills developed and trainings completed. Feel free to get a tad personal and mention your interests as long as they are related to the job or will not make you look bad in the end. One thing to remember: You want the employer to know your qualifications, not your life history so 10 pages of resume will not cut it.

Take a lesson from the Vivo V27 Series about the minimalist approach. From its camera layout, color to overall build, Vivo knows when to show more by doing less. With their slim and lightweight frame at 7.36mm for Vivo V27 5G variant and 7.7mm for its Vivo V27e variant, the Vivo V27 Series is built to go with you anywhere you go but is sturdy enough for all your needs.

The uncomplicated and straightforward camera layout is a testament to Vivo’s commitment to balancing functionality and beauty as inspired by the Bauhaus design philosophy. Of course, with the Photochromic 2.0 technology that changes your phone case’s color when placed under the sun, you really don’t need to complicate the design as that color-changing technology is impressive enough!

Go hard on your soft skills

Any reasonable recruiter or employer will not expect an extensive body of work from a fresh grad, so don’t get stressed out if you cannot present an impressive portfolio just yet. Instead, highlight your school accomplishments and other skills. Communication, problem solving, adaptability and teamwork may not be as quantifiable as good grades, but they are just as, if not more, important in a professional setting.

Cite examples of when you took the initiative to lead an important group project or event. Tell stories of how you showed integrity or perseverance during your internship and paint a picture of how your experiences can be of use to the company you’re applying to.

The same goes for applicants moving from one job to the next. Highlight the soft skills.

Overall, reliability is what people are looking for. Just like with the Vivo V27 Series. With its 12GB+8GB Extended RAM and 256GB ROM, you can take your organization skills notches higher. Manage and maintain your work files with ease with bigger storage space. Tick off everything on your to-do lists with its all-day battery with 66W FastCharge technology that powers up the phone to 50 percent in just 19 minutes.

Work has gone digital and so should you

These days, there is no job that doesn’t require some form of digital skill. Supplement your soft skills with more digital capabilities. Start looking for free digital courses. Most courses have flexible schedule and will let you manage your own time, including assignments and projects.

After a series of interviews and aptitude tests, you finally bagged that first job. If your work involves handling content or you simply want to capture moments in your new world, the Vivo V27 Series packs powerful cameras that go beyond megapixel sizes. Powered by the innovative Aura Portrait Algorithm, this smartphone is every new employee’s partner in taking cinematic and picturesque videos and pictures, perfect not only for documenting your journey but also for impressing colleagues with your IG reels and Facebook stories.

With the Vivo V27 Series, you can produce a vlog with ease with the phone’s detailed on-screen instructions with tips and handy editing tools—and that’s from light ‘til dark! Its EIS+OIS Dual Ultra Stabilization feature and Sony IMX 766V sensor make every photo and video balanced, centered and stable each time.

As you start the next chapter of your life, you will realize that the road to success is not a straight and smooth road but one with difficulties and challenges as well as triumphs and small wins. As you answer the question “Where to next?,” you realize the simple answer is this: Forward. Always forward.

Start your work journey with ease with the Vivo V27 Series. Get this powerful smartphone on Vivo’s official website, Shopee, Lazada, and TikTok. (SPONSORED CONTENT)