Colon’s human statue’ gets Mandaue job offer

STANDING still in the middle of Cebu City’s busiest crosswalk, his entire body covered in blue paint, Marvin Lastimoso, now known as the Human Statue of Colon, entertains the pedestrians from all walks of life.

Lastimoso has earned internet fame over the past week after a netizen uploaded a video clip of him doing his act at a center island on Colon St.

He said he got the idea from watching YouTube videos of the same content.

Standing in the heat for hours on end, Lastimoso said he is doing everything to help send his children to school.

He said he is now separated from his wife and has three children, and all are staying with their mother.

“Wala na nako hunahunaa kung maunsa ko, basta ako makatabang ra ko sa akong mga anak. Gusto pod nako sila matabangan na matarong pud ilang pag-eskwela,” Lastimoso said.

(I’m not thinking about myself or what will happen to me, as long as I can help my children. I also want to help them so that they can have a good education.)

Bystanders and passersby have expressed their appreciation for Lastimoso’s act, saying it adds color to Colon, but also aired their concerns for his health and wellbeing.

“I’m amazed but at the same time concerned about his health because the weather is very hot. I wonder how he is feeling,” Kee Enriquez, a first year college student, told SunStar Cebu in a mix of Cebuano and English.

Lastimoso said he has been told to stay away from the area.

“Bawal man daw, ingon sila. Ana sila, ‘Di ka muhawa diha, dakpon ka namo ron. Prisuhon ka namo.’ Nya ingon ko, ‘Sir, nag statue ra man ko diri. Nag street performer ra man ko. Wala man ko nangawat,’” Lastimoso said.

(They said it’s not allowed and told me, “If you don’t leave, we’re going to arrest and jail you.” But I told them, “Sir, I’m only doing a street performance. I’m not stealing anything.”)

Lastimoso said he is not particular about paint. Whatever he can use, he gets. He is not sure if it is harmful to his skin, but as long as it serves the purpose, he said it is what he will continue using.

He said he simply wants to give a little entertainment to people, and maybe earn his keep to help him support his family and his children.

Lastimoso thanked everyone who supported him and shared his videos online.

He also thanked the government, even though he said he might have incurred violations.

On Thursday, March 23, Lastimoso received P30,000 in cash assistance from Mandaue City Mayor Jonas Cortes.

The mayor also promised a work opportunity for Lastimoso so he can support his family.

Lastimoso is a resident of Mandaue, but he said he chose to perform on Colon St. as it is where a number of people converge.