Danao City: 62 years strong, celebrating unity, growth, promising future

DANAO City proudly celebrated its 62nd Charter Anniversary, marking over six decades of remarkable unity, exponential growth, and a future filled with promise on June 7, 2023.

The day kicked off with a vibrant civic parade that showcased the various clusters and sectors of the city. People from all walks of life proudly marched together, symbolizing Danawanons as the city’s greatest asset. The display of unity and solidarity set the tone for a day filled with joy and pride.

In the afternoon, the recognition of Garbo sa Danao Awardees took center stage, honoring more than 300 outstanding Danawanons who have brought pride and distinction, and made exceptional contributions to the city. Academic achievers, bar and board passers, sports achievers, and top taxpayers were presented with cash and plaques. Their achievements serve as an inspiration to the entire community and demonstrate the City Government’s commitment in nurturing talent and excellence.

This was then followed by the pinnacle of the Charter Day Celebration- the grand opening of Plaza Beatriz and the switch-on ceremony of the Danao City Fountain. This momentous occasion not only symbolizes the city’s dedication in preserving its past while embracing the future, but also serves as a heartfelt tribute to Beatriz “Manang Ati” Duterte Durano, whose visionary leadership played a pivotal role in shaping the city into what it is today.

During the opening ceremony of the Plaza Beatriz, City Vice Mayor Nito Durano delivered a heartfelt message, stating, “This particular place, with the fountain constructed on it, was one of the first of many projects initiated by my mother and then-Mayor Beatriz D. Durano. Together with the other parks and playgrounds that she initiated, Mama Ati envisioned this plaza as a place for our residents and visitors to relax and enjoy. Having served this city for the longest time and having been a fervent proponent of this project, it is fitting that this public plaza be honored in her name.”

While the said festivities were a remarkable highlight, the celebration extends throughout the month of June with a line-up of exciting activities, including sports events, free services, and trainings. These events aim to engage the community and provide opportunities for growth and development. For the complete schedule of events, please visit: https://tinyurl.com/4d2axaet

Here and now, we continue to strive for progress while cherishing our history and embracing a future filled with promise and growth.

Happy 62nd Charter Anniversary kanato, mga Danawanon! (PR)